Friday, August 2, 2013


Good Morning Everyone!

Wow...where in the heck has this week gone?  I swear I just got home from Camp Blanding (Sunday) and it's Friday already!  OMG!  I have to finish pricing stuff in the garage (for September Sale Room), buy groceries, preview an auction, run errands... eeekkkk!!!  Then Lexie will be back with us for another day..she's playing with her little friend - we are watching her while Keck and Heather are at a Church function out of town with their friends.  They will be home Saturday evening.

Hey... look here....  My friend Cathy.... She's working on using our small template (tumbler) to make these adorable Dresden blocks.  She's mixed it with a pretty green that coordinates with the greens in her printed fabric.... then will applique it to this sweet polka dot fabric.  The center circle will be hasn't been turned under yet for attaching.

Of course...this inspired Mary Ellen and I to make one.  (curse you Cathy Peters...!)  So here is a stack of tumblers... soon to be Dresden fans that I made for Mary Ellen!

She told me she HAS NO pastel fabric!!!  That's the truth.. I've been in her sewing room and it's all her and Paula's fabric and reproductions... so I had to help a girlfriend out.  Since I have an ample supply at my house... I cut hers and mine out at the same time!

I have no clue how many are here... I'm sure enough to make 1000 blocks.  (That ought to keep her busy...don't you think?)  Ha!  Just teasin' Mary Ellen!!!  Let's see which one of us gets our finished first!  ( won't be me that's for sure).  I think I'm going to use my Dresden blades on a border.... you'll see... a new design!!

Red Crinoline Quilts is getting a new blog!!!  I believe it will be: !!

Keep checking it out... Hopefully it will be up and going soon!  

Here's another buzz about our retreat in JUNE 2014!!!!  Send in your deposit ($250) now and the rest is NOT DUE until MARCH OF 2014!  Remember... they have special pricing for those of you that travel in groups of 3.  You can get a cabin for 3 and it doesn't have to be a bunk bed.  This ship does have couches that make into nice beds!

Join us... it's going to be a blast!  You can order kits for our projects - or just order the pattern and use from your stash!!  Go to our website and look under the RETREATS tab and read all about it!

Thanks a bunch!!!!  I'll chat with you later...time to GET BUSY!!


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