Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Back from Indiana!!

What a whirlwind trip!  What fun!   Oh My... it was a hoot trying to figure out who in the heck everyone was.  You see... we hadn't seen each other for 50 years!!  Now you tell me... how much does one person change in 50 years?  A WHOLE BUNCH!!  We all had different personalities, gained weight (well...except for Dennis Trowbridge and Denny Hinen) and less hair!  So...what does that tell you?

Here is a wonderful gift that Diane brought!  She took our 8th Grade Graduation picture and put it on a cake!  I just thought that was so sweet of her.

I only wish I would have taken the picture before we all began to eat some of it!!!  Isn't is sweet how all of us gals were color coordinated.  I'm positive it was not planned.  Our principal, Ralph Bailey is on the right.  He was at the reunion with us!  Over 80 years old.  He told us he was 25 when they gave him the Principal's job at Etna Troy.  Can you imagine a 25  year old today being a principal at one of our schools.  Duh!!  I don't think so.  Of course... we only had ... maybe... 350 students in the entire school - Grades 1 - 8.  They didn't even have kindergarten back then.  

I can still remember the names of the students (after a little help from this past weekend).  Vicky is on the front row - second one in from the right.  I am on the front row - 3rd one in from the left.  They wouldn't even let us set together!  I wonder why...don't remember for sure.

While in the country...we visited Jack's sisters!  What a fun time.  They are so great to be with... laugh all the time!  Linda (his little sister by 10 years) and her hubby (Steve) were at the lake so we stayed with them.  How lovely it was.  It reminded me so much of when Vicky and I were little and we stayed for weeks with our grandparents in the summer.  Heck..we would go out and swim, fish, paddle the boat - without anyone watching us.  Times have certainly changed haven't they?  I used to love to fish for are they yummy fish.  Grandma would fry them up with fried potatoes, corn on the cob and homemade chocolate pie for dessert.  I sure miss Grandma and Grandpa...we had wonderful memories with them.  They were the best!

Here are some pictures of the lake.  I went out early in the morning and just listened to the birds, waves lapping the shore, bees buzzing... it was so calm and relaxing!

This is their lake house.... it's been there for years...

They have a fun yellow boat and a pontoon boat that we went for a ride on.  aaahhh.... such is the life at the lake!

This is the neighbors house that is for sale!  $375,00.00!  Wish I was rich... I would have written a check for it and used it as a quilting retreat house.  It was wonderful!  See this HUGE willow tree?  There were 4 of them in the yard... absolutely gorgeous.

Then BOOM... it was time to drive home again!  Wow..the weekend sure went fast.  HOWEVER, Linda and Steve will be here at Thanksgiving for a visit!  I'm so excited!  They have a wedding to attend so they are coming down to spend time with us too.... and have Thanksgiving dinner with us.  YIPPEE!!!  It's the first time in 44 years of marriage they have had time to stay with us.  They own a thriving landscaping business and are soooooo busy and work sooooo hard.  I'm so proud of them.'s back to reality and on to my duties here at home.  I have more than enough to keep me busy for months and months and I'm off to get busy...writing patterns, working on the September Camp Blanding Retreat, pricing stuff for the sale room (have tons of it), making kits.... finishing some quilts and projects!  Yippee...ain't life grand!

Keep those machines running!


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