Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What a FUN TIME!!!

Happy Tuesday!

I just got home yesterday from helping Mary Ellen (Red Crinoline Quilts) with more Hampton Ridge Block-of-the-Month Shop kits.  These kits are massive to make... 41 blocks, borders, instructions, template...whew!!!  I think we had over 21,000 pieces of fabric... and we didn't even have every month finished.  It was great fun, cutting (Mary Ellen was the cutter) sorting, folding, labeling, stacking, stuffing... We didn't get them all finished put did put a big dent in the project.  Mary Ellen is coming to the July Camp Blanding retreat so we had to get them finished before she came!

Look at this basket of scraps that kept staring at me while working!!!  It was full of WONDERFUL PRINTS!!!  (I did wipe up the drool several times!)

On my way home I decided to come the back way... wow... was it ever shorter!  Plus - so many cute little towns that I drove through (watching my speed limit VERY carefully - SPEED TRAPS!)

While in Ocala... I saw lots of antique places (LOVE THEM) so I decided to take a break and stop at one and do a little shopping!  I can't (for the life of me) remember the name of it... I think it was Ole Cracker Antiques... but the two gals that worked the front desk were so delightful!  PLUS...they had fresh popcorn for you to enjoy while shopping.  Now how great is that?

Here are some of my goodies!

I adore architectural findings... and hooks!  Look... I got both in one item.  I'm thinking this will go in my bathroom!  

Then.. when I saw this HUGE bag of old clothespins...I almost squealed!  Look at the wire around some of them.  Simply wonderful.  I'm going to fill an old glass jar with them.  Then I have plans for them in the future!  If we should ever have a booth in Houston...these would be adorable to help hang up our quilts and projects... don't you think?

Then...when I spotted these...they just had to come home with me.  I love mugs...and these are for tea drinkers!  Jack loves tea (so do I...but he drinks it more than me) and they have built in pouches to hold your tea bag once you have removed it from the water!  The two gals at the front desk were jealous when I told them what they were for.  They wanted them!  The nerve of those gals!!  I'm sure these mugs will make the tea taste even better now!

Here is another little sneak peek at a project Vicky and I are working on together!  She finished up my 1" hexies while I was gone... so I worked on my 9 patches... and soon it's going to be finished!!

I'm hoping it's as "awesome" as it is in my head - designing sometimes just doesn't turn out like you thought it would.  However, the process is so much fun!

Today I will be delivering my last quilt to Cathy and Lynn for quilting from our new line of fabric - County Londonderry.  They have been the bestest ever in getting all of our projects done so quickly.  You see...when we get our fabric from Marcus... we don't have much time at all to get things finished so the salesman have samples (pattern photos) to take to the shops when they call on them for fabric orders.  Pressure, pressure, pressure.... and Lynn and Cathy help relieve that pressure so much.  
Thanks so much to both of you!!!  
(Quilting by Lynn - 904-463-8601)

I will also be finishing up our new Tote Bag.  Then...Heather will work her magic with her wonderful photography and make our pattern covers.  

This is truly a 3 woman team here!!!  What in the heck would we do without each other?

Hugs to all...time for me to get stitchin' !!


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