Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Oh My... doesn't it feel simply awesome to finish projects?

Well... I feel especially relieved... I just completed two more projects from our new fabric line - County Londonderry!

Check them out!

This first one is "Going to Market" Tote!  This great tote is BIG!!  it measures 17" x 20" with a 3" flat bottom.  Perfect for those big shopping trips.  It also has a metal hook latch to make sure all of your "goodies" stay protected INSIDE the bag.  We've carried the design over to the other side!  The jumbo ric rac travels under the bottom of the bag and the design repeats itself on the other side.  So... no matter which way you hang it from your shoulder... you see the flower pattern.  The flowers are made from our plastic tumbler...and the green leaves are from Marcus Brothers hand dyed flannels!  They are something else...I'm telling you right now.  You would swear they were wool!  Beautiful!  I can't wait to work with them more in other projects.  I'd love to talk Marcus into adding additional colors to the entire line...some lighter ones!   Go to my Facebook Business Page and scroll until you see all of the colors I've posted!

The second project is our Spring Tulips Pillow!  I simply adore lots of ruffles (and big ones) on my pillow!  This one was finished last night (around midnight) and I was so happy with it.  It's not that great of a picture... put my sweet Heather will take better ones and it will look gorgeous.  This applique is wool... and I've adorned the tips of the flowers with antique white and pearl buttons.  I can't wait to pop this sweet thing on my bed!  It will look so lovely!

Patterns for all of our quilts and projects will be available on our website this fall!  We'll be sure and send an email to let you all know when they can be ordered!  

It's time for me to hit the kitchen... grab a little breakfast... do some laundry... and work on my patterns some more.  It's a long process! 

Have fun today!  Get some stitchin' done!


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