Monday, July 1, 2013

One UFO - FINISHED! (aaahhh... I love crossing it off the list!)

Hey everyone!

Well... my sewing marathon paid off!  Yes.... it did!  Check this out!  My Pioneer Braid Quilt is all pieced and will be delivered to Lynn and Cathy this morning... along with our Londonderry Market quilt!

Londonderry Market
(actual picture will be out soon - after it's quilted)

Vicky and I have been sewing maniacs this past week.  Now Vicky is working on this one!

Bluebird in the Garden

We are still contemplating the birds... we want to use a wonderful fabric from Marcus Brothers Fabrics - Sueded Hand Dyed Flannels

They tell us they are so wonderful to work with... especially if using in applique.  So we are giving them a try... they sure will be more reasonable in cost for the consumer - flannel versus wool.  Plus the quilt will be washable.  It's small in size... around 57" square.

Plus... we will do a bit more with the birds...give them wings... flowers in their mouths... things like that.  I can't wait to see it finished!  My flannel package should be arriving from Marcus today.  It's always like Christmas when you get packages at the front door...isn't it?  LOVE IT!

I am moving on to my hand stitching of my Londonderry Garden wool applique!

I'm a pretty fast stitcher... so it's time to turn up the needle!  Ha!!

You will never guess what happened to my sewing machine (Viking - about 14 years old...).  While I was sewing this weekend... one of the gals at my table commented that it didn't appear as though my machine was feeding the fabric through as it should.  After inspection... she was correct!  I have barely NO TEETH left on my feed dogs!!!  Can you believe that?  I had been wondering why in the world it was giving me such issues over this last month or so!

Yep... I've plum wore them off!  Oh My... at first I thought it was a good excuse to buy a new machine... (hahahahahahaha!) but then I was told they can replace them.  Damn!  Oh well... I adore my machine.  The only thing I wish it had was "needle-down" (love that feature) and "X" - cutting the thread!  Love that one too but I still have to use the manual cutter or scissors. (oh how spoiled some of us are....)  I guess someday I will upgrade to a new machine.  But for now... I love my Viking!

So... with all of these issues ... she's all packed up and headed to the "doc" today for new "teeth"....hhhmmmm... that's kind of what happens to us when we get old!  We begin to lose everything don't we? (hair, teeth, elasticity in our skin, bladder functions... oh my... I'll stop here...)

It's darn early right now.... 4:30 am.  I woke up and realized my honey had left for the gym already!  Wow... he's a nut case!  He's got a NEW hobby... working out in the gym and visiting with everyone while getting more fit.  He's such a nut... he celebrated last night by cooking us a steak dinner and topping it off with a small piece of cheese cake.  He's lost 20 pounds and feels so much better.... but still wants to lose more.  Good for him...(no more cheesecake...)

So.. since it's so early... I may as well read up on my blogs - do a little Pinterest posting and then get busy stitching!!

Ta Da... see you all soon!


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