Monday, July 8, 2013

New Website.... Up and Alive!!!


I just had another bowl of strawberry shortcake!    

 Last one.... ALL GONE!  Boo Hoo!

PLUS... more great news!  Our NEW website is up and alive!  I've asked everyone to email me with any feedback... good or bad... if you find any boo-boo's or want something new and different.. let me know!  It's so much easier to make changes... instantly!!  

See my sweet new friend?  I love, love, love ivy plants... I found this little girl (I've named her "ivy"... ha!) and couldn't resist bringing her home.  She's sitting on my nice screened in back porch and I can tell she loves it... see her new little green leaves?  Yep... she's lovin' life!  NOW... if I can just keep her alive!

Yes... I am known as the plant murderer!!  I had a beautiful flowering plant in the front... by the garage door... well... it was doing great... growing this really long tendril that I was training to grow up the downspout... well... the mailman went whipping by it (he was in a real BIG hurry!) and tore it off!  Yes... when I went to the mailbox... there it was - lying on the parking pad!  I screamed with anger, pain, and was just downright MAD!  Then... I was gone for a few days (in Tennessee...sewing...) and we had so much rain the pot OVERFLOWED WITH WATER!  Of course... the plant... well you know what happened!  Yes... it drowned to death - root rot!  It was not a pretty death I'm telling you!

So... in the trash can it went!

Then... I bought a sweet basil plant to use in cooking!  Well... we all know how that worked out - it died... outgrew the pot it was in!  Jack threw it in the trash can.  

My petunias.... well... let's just say they are on their way out too.  Jack hung them out by the bird feeder... and the squirrels have been using it as a trampoline... yes..that's right.. a trampoline... to jump from the tree limb - to the petunia planter - to the bird feeder that is full of sunflower seeds.  Sometimes they make it... sometimes they don't... and to see them sliding down that staff pole is simply hilarious!  They just keep trying and trying and trying!  Dumb squirrels... you think they would figure out it ain't gonna happen!
So... needless to say - the petunias are no more - they too are dead...soon to hit the trash can!
As you can tell...plants growing outside are not my thing.  So.. I thought having an ivy on the porch might work... only time will tell!  I'll post pictures from time to time to keep you all up on it's growth.

However... I did forget... we have planted knock-out roses in the front flower bed and they are doing ravishingly well!  As is the big pot of Lantana.... oh well...the Lantana is still alive and green.  It has NO MORE BLOOMS thanks to all of the rain we had that knocked everyone of them off.  I did give them some go-go juice (to help them bloom) so we'll see how that works!  It's been a week already.. and not one stinkin' bloom has popped out!  I'm just sayin'.... 

Okay..that's enough plant talk... I'm off to do some stitchin' on the new tote bag we are making with our fabric!  

I think I'm in love with it.... it still has pins in it and I have handwork to do... add the up the sides... but it's coming along!  This design is on both sides!

Chat with you all later....

Keep stitchin' and Celebrate Handmade!


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