Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hi Everyone!!! PICTURES!!!

Well... are you all rested?

Heck.. I haven't even unpacked my stuff yet (I have my clothes...)!  I've been catching up on emails and working on the photos I took for all of you.

You are all a hoot...that's all I can say!

This photo slideshow is just a portion... I'm making up another one for you.  I decided it would be so interesting to look at everyone's pincushions!  They have such personality and you will see that when I get it edited and published for you.

In the meantime... enjoy!

Camp Blanding Retreat Photos

For those of you that did not attend our Gold Star Camp Blanding Retreat... we missed you!

We had a super great time... lots of laughs... from all over the floor!

Thanks so much for your donations and supporting our troops and their families.


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