Monday, July 22, 2013

Happy Monday!

Hi all!

What a great week I have ahead of me!.... Well... with the exception of most of today - it's HOUSE CLEANING TIME!  Ugh!  Yep.. I'm the cleaning lady at this house.  When I worked all the time, I did admit to having a cleaning lady come in twice a month and do a really thorough job.  I fought doing it.... felt guilty.  But I soon got over that and SO MUCH enjoyed writing out that check each month.

However, now that we are on "retired" funds... it's back to doing things more for ourselves... cleaning, mowing the yard... all of those things that just aren't as much fun!

I'm also packing up my projects and all the things we need for this weekend's Camp Blanding Retreat... 3 glorious days of sewing and visiting with about 120 wonderful quilters!  Yeee..hhhhaaaaa!!!

I made two more little projects from my fabric line...such fun it was... LOOK  BELOW...

This is a bracelet from one of my fabrics!  I covered some buttons and then glued them on a bracelet form.... I love the "charm" look so I added some sweet little hearts!  What do you think?

Here's a little closer look!  
(don't you just love the glare from the table!)

Then.. I've been trying to make more things from our plastic tumbler template... look what I made!

These are BIG pincushions - filled with crushed pecan shells (find it in a large pet store...either in the bird section or the reptile section... wonderful for filling pincushions - you don't need a muslin liner either like you do with sand)

The one on the right is for Vicky - it's a little larger..she has more room at her sewing station for this big guy.  I still want to add some "stuff" to hers... it needs a little something.  Plus... I'm thinking I will add more pecan shells...needs a bit more to make it more firm... they seem to pack down AFTER you have the enclosure stitched up!  What's up with that anyway?

The center gold and blue piece is wool - adorned with antique little buttons.  Gosh.. I love these little fellows and they are so hard to find.  I scour the antique stores and ebay.  I don't want colored buttons... only these little white/ivory ones... I'm a bit picky with my buttons.

Then... look what my girlfriend made for me!! (Lynn Rogers)  We are always finding cute things for each other... or making something.  She is teaching this sweet zipper bag class at Cinnamon's Quilt Shoppe today... and again in AUGUST.  Click on the link below and sign up!

Lollipop Purse

Remember this ribbon?  We used to wrap it around our kits!  Lynn had a piece of it at home and added it to my handle!  It was such a good memory!  I LOVE IT LYNN!!!  Thanks so much!

Then... the shipment of our Folding Featherweight Sewing Tables arrived!!!  These are so stinkin' awesome... !!

For those of you that have a Singer Featherweight sewing machine.. you MUST have one of these!!  I will be selling them on my web site (it should be on there this week).  The best part is... it folds in half for easy transportation.  I'm even working on designing a bag to store and carry it in! It comes with 5 feet... YES... 5 of them.  One is placed on the underside in the middle of the table to support the folding hinge.  You simply remove the legs - store them in an adorable soft fabric bag (comes with your table) and you are good to travel!  It expands your sewing space 20" x 24".  

The retail cost is $119.99 - however I will be listing them for $104.  + any applicable sales tax (only in Florida if you order them over the website).  That's a $15.00 discount for you (excluding any shipping fees)  They will come shipped to you direct from the manufacturer. 

 So... keep watching your email and website updates so you will know when they have been added to our "on-line" shopping!


Have you watched any good shows lately?  I wanted to tell you about 2 !  First of all... the movie - "The Call"!!!'s so
good!  Not for's about a 911 operator and her dealing with a weirdo!  To intense... LOVED IT!

Then.. I simply LOVE Netflix!  I just finished watching Monarch of the Glen (several seasons - 57 shows).  I adored it!  I even cried when it was over... funny, romantic, good all round nice-clean-fun show.  It takes place in Scotland.. I especially loved the
countryside and the different traditions of the Scottish people.  If you haven't watched it yet... I truly recommend it.  I love sitting my ipad near my sewing machine - and watching these great series while sewing.  aaahhh... life is good!

I'm now beginning the Tudors series... my sewing buddies told me it was great too!  I'll report back after several shows!!


Well... it's time to go to my EQ7 and work on a quick design I had in my head last night as my head hit the pillow.  If I don't do something with them quickly...they simply leave my brain!  This little idea has to do with "project bags"!!  Hopefully you'll see a sample of one soon!.

Hugs to all!!!

Get that stitchin' finished!


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