Friday, June 7, 2013

Yippee!!! Another One!!

Ok.... Now you gals are in the swing!

Robin (From Jacksonville, FL) is playing the UFO Game with us!  She's sent me her list (via Facebook chat) and here we go:

1.  Flower Power by Peddlecar Quilts - finishing for Jacksonville Quiltfest Show in September

2.  Hawaiin Shirt Quilt (she's llllloooonnnnnggggg lost the pattern) - finishing for the Jacksonville Quiltfest Show in September

3.  Rainbow Baby by Cynthia Brunz - need for a baby shower this summer

4.  Non Sibi Sed Patriaie quilt by Tony Jacobson - making for Wounded Warriors Project

5.  Block 2 - Primitive Garden by Lisa Bongean from Primitive Gatherings  

This Quilt reminds me of some wonderful times.  I first met Lisa Bongean at a show (can't remember which one)... our booths were across from each other.  I simply adored her work, her designs, all of the wonderful color, the wool!!!  I was instantly in love with the entire company.  I spotted two of these blocks (again...sorry... can't remember which two) hanging up in the booth.  Well... they drew me to them like a magnet.  I said... "Lisa, what are these going to be? They are SO WONDERFUL (trying not to drool all over them).  She explained it was a new "garden" theme quilt she was designing (she LOVES to garden... in her spare time... which I have no clue when that is...).  That's how this quilt began... then we had it in the shop and everyone else fell in love with it too.  

Thanks Lisa... for all of the wonderful quilt designs you have made for us... the super wool projects... your beautiful shop in Wisconsin, for all of your hard work attending all the shows you go to (wow... is that ever hard work -  speaking from experience), for Nick and his support for your talent, for your wonderful energy and your beautiful fabric you design for Moda!  You are my inspiration! 

and.... MORE.... EXCITING..... NEWS!!!

Vicky and I were working on our projects when we heard the doorbell ring... not the normal ring of my mailman or UPS guy (they work so hard...don't they?)

Vicky signed for something at the door.... HEAVY BOX!!!  She's reading the label and her eyes got as big as dinner plates.  Gloie... I think this is our fabric!!!!!  I said... NO WAY... NOT YET!!!!
We dug into that box as fast as a raccoon digs into a bag of dry dog food!!!!


We were like two wild women... pulling it all out of  the box and inspecting each piece like it was our first born child!

There on the selvage read....................

So... we are now on the move... yes we have tons to make:

1.  Vicky's Basket Quilt - designed from an antique quilt that Vicky     adores!!

2.  County Londonderry Quilt - an original Olde Green Cupboard Designs pattern

3. Prairie Point Rug - made from an antique rug I found at Houston Quilt Market

4.  Upholstered Chair (it's going to be so darn cute)

5.  Table Runner - our design

6.  Covered Lampshade

7.  Pillow - our design

and... maybe a few other things if we have enough fabric left over!

Oh boy.... I'm exhausted already!

Guess what that means?  Time for me to get busy!  

Chat with you soon!!!


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