Friday, June 28, 2013

What a Whirlwind....

Oh My Gosh....

My mind is racing like crazy...!!!  Heather and I worked on so many things together yesterday...we kept loosing track of which project we were working on.  Can I say... I love my daughter to death... I love her spirit, her creative talent, her love for her family, her love for God, and the way she is always there for me.  She's so darn quick on the computer (so stinkin' smart...the things she does simply amaze me...)... then there is her love for photography... it just doesn't end with that girl.  She has so many irons in the fire - I simply have no idea where in the heck she gets all of her energy... here she is ... just in case you've not met her before... "my Heather"...  Isn't she beautiful?  LOVE YOU SWEET GIRL!!

Then...there is my sweet, sweet son.. Toby!  OMG!  What a wonderful MAN he is.  I'll brag about him on another day... enough of my children...


Look how my wool applique is turning out... I'm lovin' this!!
I've named it Londonderry Garden.

Today I'm sewing on my sample for my September Cinnamon's Class - Pioneer Braid Quilt.  I know I've told you this before...but the sewing is immense and it's turning out so pretty.  Wow.. I wish I had a penny for each stitch.  That would be very nice!

Vicky is working on our Londonderry Baskets and it's quite lovely!!  Here's a quick picture of the drawing on EQ.
The finished quilt will have a beautiful floral border.. it just didn't look good on this drawing so I showed it with the blue and I love it also!  She can't wait to get it finished because she has another adorable one she wants to make.



We have MORE gals that have signed up for our cruise!  YIPPEE!!!
Lynn & Denise... and Joyce Weeks and her girlfriend!  Joyce is from Utah... many of you know her... you just don't know it!  She's from Geoff's Mom Pattern Company!

So... for all of you that join us on our cruise... you will get to meet JOYCE!!!  Yippee!!!

So... here's the deal... Joyce is from UTAH!  She and her girlfriend are flying to Florida and going on the cruise together... for her birthday present!

If a Utah girl can make this trip... SO CAN YOU!

Which leads me to my next reminder... PLEASE send in your deposits NOW so we can get a good head count on the number coming.  We have a block of 50 rooms that we get to keep together until July 10, 2013... that's JULY of this year!  (Cruise lines work way ahead on bookings...can you tell?)  

So... if you have been wanting to come... now is the time to get on the boat and get that paperwork completed and faxed to CruiseOne (904-263-4570).  Or you can call them direct and register (800)2-LUV-SEA or 904-280-1992.

Let's Party together and sew up a storm (not an actual storm.... NOT while we are on the ship!)  Lot's of surprises... you're really gonna' love them!

You OWE yourself a once-in-a-lifetime-trip like this!


Have a happy day sewing!

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