Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sewing my butt off....

Good Morning... (it's Sunday...)

Wow...what a wonderful sewing marathon I've had from Friday (3:00 pm ) until last night!  We have about 25 at Cinnamon's for their "Summer Barbecue" Retreat!  OMG!  I'm having a blast!  They are letting us work on cute projects, cooking up a storm for us... playing fun quick games and sewing, sewing... and more sewing!  I WILL have my Pioneer Braid Quilt finished today!  It's my sample for the class I am teaching in September and it's coming out wonderful.  I LOVE IT!!  As soon as I have my rows put together, I'll post a picture for you.

Then, Vicky... finished making one of our new quilt pattern designs... with our new fabric (Marcus Brothers Fabric Co.).  It's inspiration came from an antique basket quilt I have in my dining room hanging over one of my cabinet doors.  Vicky fell in love with it and wanted to make it ours... we've added a great new "twist" to the design.  You'll see later.  It's 25 baskets set on point... so lovely!!!  We're still working on a name.

Here are some other great photos I took this weekend of quilts (for upcoming classes) in the classroom!!

Now.... you know how "modern" quilting is the rage?  Well... you would know why if you saw this quilt in person!  It's such fun... and the actual quilting is the "bomb dot com"!!! (that's another way of saying AWESOME!)    If you look real close you can see how it's in the square look... simply made the quilt!

Then we have the Cathedral Window... with a twist!  The corners have a new technique that simply makes this quilt something to die for!  I've never made one of these and I think it should be on every one's bucket list.  It's just one of those quilting experiences that everyone should have in their lifetime!

And of's time for the holiday quilts to make their debut!  How about this happy, happy one?  The center block... on the bottom row????  Can you tell what that is?  Yep... you are correct... it's a NASTY spider!  ickiepoo!!!   However, you must admit... it "makes the quilt"!!!

Then.. for the pastel lovers... and NEW quilters... here you go!  This sweet quilt is so easy (rail fence) for you to learn all of the important techniques (cutting, 1/4" seam allowance, seam alignment, pressing)... and then you end up with this beauty!  

Then... you can make this sweet, sweet, sweet ruffled gem!  EVERYONE that walks into the classroom looks at this quilt.  It is so stinkin' precious!  How can you not like cute ruffles?  I'm just askin' ?

There were plenty more to photo and I will truly try to get to that today.  We resume back in the classroom at 9:00 am for more SEWING...then we get brunch!  YUM!!!  (thanks to Janice for being such a great cook).  Yesterday... with our barbecue theme... we had the yummiest lunch!  OMG!!!  Barbecue sandwiches, salads, chips, corn pudding casserole (it was sooooooooooo good) then banana pudding for dessert!  I'm sure we stacked on the pounds yesterday...(and me...who is on a diet!)

It's time for me to hit the shower and get some things ready to take in for the gals.  I love my phone...the "Reminders" app... it helps me so much.  I make my list and then set the reminder..... beep...beep...beep... it pops up the things I'm supposed to remember to bring with me today! is good in my hectic world.

Chat with you later... get busy.... sit in that chair and get some sewin' done!  It feels sooooo good!


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