Friday, June 21, 2013

I'm Home!!

Vicky and I went to Crosby, TN for a few days to sew with some of our friends!!!  What a great time we had too!  We were in a retreat house with the quilt shop within easy walking distance away from us!  Tell me that wasn't dangerous!  We had such fun sewing, driving and seeing the countryside, relaxing, chatting, and having fun with great friends.  Thanks John, Kathy, Bruce and Rhonda for a great relaxing time.

While we were there we got to finish one of our new fabric quilt patterns and got a great start on the second one!  I can't wait until they are all finished so you can see them!  Here is a sneak peak at Londonderry Baskets!!!   We still have the handles to add...then set them all within the "on-point" quilt.  Can't wait to see it all finished!

While driving home yesterday in the mountains... it was early in the morning...and the views were simply awesome.  These photos DO NOT do justice to the splendor of them!!!  So pretty!

We went to a small village of shops... had lunch at one of the biggest McDonald's I have ever been in!!  I couldn't believe the size of this place!  Outside... the flowers were blooming everywhere... these daisies were HUGE!  I always think of my friend.... Paula... it's her favorite flower.  I just had to take a picture and show you!

We all worked on so many different projects.... it was amazing how much we all finished even with our taking time out to shop and take small drives!!  Rhonda was working on this adorable Christmas Quilt!  So sweet and fun.  Vicky is going to make one too... with wool applique!!  Won't that be great?  The day we left to come home, Rhonda was going to be buttonhole stitching all of these shapes to her background.  I'm sending her some red buttons for her berries!!

Here is the next project for our B-a-a-a-d Girls Club... !  
It's an "Armchair Sewing Cozy" that I've designed (not all finished).  This is one side...the other has pockets for "snippet" trash ... then I need to design the pin cushion for the top!!
I can't wait to use it... I'm so tired of chasing my thread, scissors, etc. all around, down in and on the couch I could scream!  It soon will be an e-pattern on our NEW WEBSITE!!!

YES... I will soon be able to make the announcement of our NEW WEBSITE going LIVE!!!  We are in the final stages of getting it ready.... so keep your fingers crossed it will be soon!

I'm off to get things ready for my class today at Cinnamon's... we are on session two of our Fusion Quilt Class.  I can't wait to see what the gals have gotten finished so far.  They are going to be so pretty... I'll take pictures and post for all of you.

Happy Sewing!!!  


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