Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Congratulations Rhonda - From California!!!

She is the first person to send me her 5 - UFO Projects - here they are for you!  You're gonna love 'em!!

Lisa Bongean's - Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop's Block-of-the-Week Project for the summer of 2013!  SNOWBALLS.... TONS OF THEM!  I'm so excited for you Rhonda... I almost signed up for this also!  See that word "almost" - well that's what made me back away from the computer.  I still have her beautiful WOOL one she had last summer - all in unopened packages.  What's that tell you?  Yep... haven't even started.

I used to tell the girls... yes... I'm buying all of these kits and fabric to work on when I retire!  HA!!  What a BIG FAT JOKE that is!  I'm NOW retired from the retail world and I'm busier than ever.  How in the heck did I have time to work?

Christmas Memories - This is Rhonda's OWN DESIGN!!!  It's a photo quilt and she's promised to make one for her son!

In The Woods - another of her creations!  (She's pretty darn talented...don't you think so?)  I don't know about you...but I am a sucker for houses and TREES!!  Love this Rhonda!!!

OH MY GOSH!!!  I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Country Threads!  Those gals are such a hoot!!  I love their farm and their quilt shop - in the CHICKEN COOP!  I too love LINE UP!!  Isn't it simply adorable?  H-m-m-m... I can see this on my kitchen table!!!  Good choice Rhonda!!!  Will you make me one too?  (((((Pretty Please)))))

And of course.... Ohio Star Crossing by Country Threads!  This is also on my "Quilt Bucket List".....  My "bucket" list is actually more the size of a LARGE  (very, very, large) BARREL!!

Okay gals... that's it... remember to email me with your projects so you can win yourself this....

You're The Apple Of My Eye

Remember ... you have 5 months from the date you send me your list!

Join us!!!  It will be so much fun to see photos of everyone's finished projects!!!

Keep Sewing Chickies!!!


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