Saturday, June 1, 2013

Are You Up For The Challenge???

Hi Everyone!!!

Okay... I just had a brainstorm... and I know it's something we can all participate in!


Let's have a UFO Challenge!!  What do you say?  Are you Game??  

YOU CAN DO THIS!  AND... each of you can win one of these!!!
(please help me out and pay the postage for me... I'll ship it the cheapest way for you...)

Here's how it will work!

Email me with the name of your project/quilt/cross-stitch...along with the designer/company that has authored the pattern... whatever project it is that you are trying to finish! This isn't a race between each of us... this is "us" gettin' stuff done!!  Doesn't it make you feel FABULOUS when you finish something you have been working on?  I mean to tell you... I feel like a ton of bricks have been lifted off my chest!  

In this day-n-age we all have so much on our plates!  You know... work, family, medical stuff, stress... and the only way to make yourself FEEL BETTER is to accomplish something.

Once I have your lists... I will keep them for you.... then when you finish a project - take a picture of it and send it to me!  Now.. I see some of you "backin' off" because you may be using the excuse.. "I don't know how to do that!"  Well... it's simple - ASK YOUR KIDS OR A TEENAGER.. or heck... I think my 6 year old granddaughter knows how!  If you have a cell phone that takes pictures, I CAN HELP YOU! 

There is a time limit!!!  Oh yes there is!!!  How about 1 month for each project... I think that is being pretty darn generous - don't YOU?  I'll date your list - then in 5 months... if you have ALL of your projects finished - YOU WIN THE APPLE!

Then as each project is finished - I'll cross it off your list and post your picture for everyone to see (you do NOT have to finish them in the order you list them.)  Now... are you asking yourself how many "UFO's"  you need on your list?  uh huh... I knew you were! 

Well............. it's only 5 !!!!  So which 5 will they be?  It's your choice... you may select those that have been in the "to do" pile the longest... or you may pick those that have the most urgency .... or those that you have just been dreading to finish... see where this is going?  YOU GET TO CHOOSE!  

As each person signs up ... I'll share their projects with all of you!  Won't it be interesting to see what they are?

Here goes my list... I'll be first (gosh... I can't wait to see what all of you pick)!!

1.  Quilt - Gettysburg -Paula Barnes & Mary Ellen Robison Red Crinoline Quilts   Website     
(This is going on my kitchen table.)

2.  Rug - Prairie Point Pastel Rug - (one of my new designs)  (I'll post a picture when finished)
(This is an antique one I bought in Houston... I will eventually be making one out of our new fabric line - County Londonderry/Marcus

3.  Quilt - Colfax County - Lisa Bongean Primitive Gatherings   

(This is going to hang in my living room)

4.  Quilt - Pioneer Braid - Jerry Stube - Quilters Quarters    Website
(This is going to be for our couch - TV watching!)

5.  Quilt - Mrs. Billings Coverlet - Somerset Patchwork      Website

(This will be kept for generations to come! Whew!!! What a job this bad-boy is!  I have 4 friends that are making one too!  They are so gorgeously stunning!!  Takes my breath away!)

Okay... that's it!  So... are you game?  Come on and play with me!  It will be great FUN..FUN..FUN!!

Well...with all of this... it's time for me to GET BUSY!!!  OMG!!!  What in the heck have I gotten myself in for?  hahahahahahaha!!!

Remember "Celebrate Handmade"  and keep those needles movin' !!!


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