Monday, June 24, 2013

A new Project... take a peek!!!!

It's going to be a wonderful Monday!!!  

I checked the weather.... 90 degrees... partially cloudy!!!  Great day for sewing...don't you think?  

You will NEVER believe what I did... (sometimes I scare myself.... does that happen to you?).  I've been working on a NEW table topper out of our County Londonderry fabric and when the idea hits you... you must act quickly!!!  Or... at least I must... or the inspiration will be gone!

So... I cut out my blocks... pieced them all together (it looks wonderful)... then proceeded to work on my wool applique medallion center.  OMG!!!  It is so pretty.... here are the drawing and photos...

It's not fancy... nice and simple and easy!!  It measures 38" square.

Here is the center applique - from luscious wool!!!  Of course... it will piece into the quilt on point!

I madly stitched it all down....went back into the sewing studio to give it a good press and my heart sunk to the floor!

I don't know where my mind was... but I read the measurements incorrectly!  The applique block is WAY TOO SMALL!!  Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!  For some reason I had it in my head it was 16" square... so I cut it 18" (larger because of the applique...then I cut mine down to size when it's all stitched...)  It's supposed to be 26" !!  

So... I took a deep breath... and told myself what a gorgeous pillow top this wool applique block has now become.  Yes... I wanted to make several pillow patterns from our fabric line... and this just brought me to the resolution of what to design for them even quicker.  I'm going to add double ruffles around the pillow... it will be so sweet!!!  Now I can't wait to finish it!

However... I must get back on track and finish the table topper first.  So today it's back to my wool and designing another medallion... I will be adding more flowers, etc. to fill the larger block up more evenly.  

I woke up early this morning thinking about that means I may as just as well get out of the bed and get busy...because there is NO going back to sleep when my brain in in the "thinking creative" mode!  Know what I mean?  

I did finish my "B-a-a-a-d Girls" project for the girls to work on in July and August!!!
It's our "Sewing Arm Cozy" !  I adore it... even if I do say so myself.  I showed it to them this weekend to get them excited... I think it may have done the trick!

Here are some photos of it for you....

It fits over the arm of your easy chair...or couch... with pockets on both sides and a pin cushion on top.

One side has a flower with a bee button on one of the leafs... and a sweet bird on the other side pocket.

This is the entire cozy laid out flat.

This is our pincushion... When it's lying this way it kind of looks like a BIG eye is watching you...doesn't it?  Creepy....

I will be writing a pattern for this project and putting it on our NEW website under "E-Patterns" !!  You too can make this sweet little "Sewing Armchair Cozy"!!!  

I'll let you know when it's ready for you to download.

Ok...that's it for me today.. I'm off to the sewing studio to get busy!  I have to prepare my new applique center and finish piecing my new sample for Cinnamon's.... Pioneer Braid Quilt!!!
It's coming out so awesome.... I can't wait for you to see it!

Happy Sewing!!!

mmm....time for more coffee....


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