Thursday, May 16, 2013

Two New Shops to Visit!! Yippee!!!

Well.... I must admit.... I finally feel like this cold (bronchitis/pneumonia kind of thing...) has kicked my butt!  Yes... I went to the doctor and I'm full of "meds" and I sure can tell they are working.  I can at least sit up I was flat out on the couch.  Couldn't even hardly pick my head up.  However, I still have a ways to go but at least I'm among the living.  

Today... I have another two of my favorite...favorite.... shops and designers!  They are unbelievable!!!

Let's go way up into Wisconsin (they seem to have tons of wonderful shops...don't they?) to Sun Prairie and visit: 

 J J Stitches

Julie Hendrickson, the owner, has an eye for displaying her fabric in the most magnificent way.  I remember as a small girl.... we would visit the Singer Sewing Center in Warsaw, Indiana at the end of every school year.  Here we would go to the basement where the hundreds and hundreds of bolts of fabric were on display.  Mom would let us pick out the fabrics we loved so she could get started on making our school dresses for the next year.  Guess how much the fabric was???? (this will make you sick...)  4 yards for $1.00 !!!  Of course...we always liked the fabric that was $1.00 @ yard...but we couldn't pick from that... only from the group that were 4 for $1.00.  I remember this special dress... it was big black and white buffalo checked gingham.... made into a dress...with stagecoaches all around the bottom of the hem.  Gosh, I loved that dress!  What wonderful memories of our mom sewing for us.  Poor thing...she'd make one outfit and then have to turn around and make another one just like it.  Wow... could she ever sew!  

See how she drapes the fabric on the outside of the bolt.  I just love that look!  It's much more time intensive.... but oh so much more effective.  Now... I ask you... don't you want to buy every piece you see here?  I know I sure do!

The building she is in is simply adorable.  When I first entered the shop... I felt my breath go away... in a good manner.  I just wandered around over and over again... I simply felt like I was in Heaven.

Look at this quilt on the wall.  Do you not just want to yank it off the wall, throw it on the floor and roll all over it with love?

Julie loves to make her quilt patterns designed after antique quilts.  They are simply fabulous!!  That's all I can say... FABULOUS!!

Then... to top it off... she designs fabric for Windham Fabrics!  Now how cool is that?  Check it out!!

Thanks Julie...for your fabulous store, your beautiful fabrics... and your great patterns!  
Visit her website at:   J J Stitches


We are now leaving Wisconsin and heading to Buttermilk Basin in Mounds View, Minnesota!!

Meet Stacy West !!!  What a wonderfully talented gal she is!  I am simply amazed at the designs she comes up with.  She specializes in embroidery and wool... two of my all time favorites.

Here is the bio she has written about herself.....

The creative madness behind BB * Mother of two darling girls * A DrEaMeR * A Happy ending type gal * LOVER OF VINTAGE GOODS * A party planner WANNA be! * Chocolate & Iced SODA lover * AWESOME friend * Work hard~Play hard type GAL * HaPpY Girl * RT FAN * Giver * BLESSED beyond measure * L*U*C*K*Y * Late Night OWL!

She has a wonderful line of small pillows......

This guy....well... I've made him and he's my all time favorite.  Each month you change the blanket on his back!!! 
 Now how stinkin' cute is that?????

Then she has monthly mats..... like a Block of the month....

She designed this crazy quilt on a wire frame that sits on a table.  Each month you change the wool center.  Now I ask you... is that not adorable?

Crazy.... CUTE.... table mats of all designs!!!

It just goes on and on... the girl is a "machine"!

Visit her web site       Buttermilk Basin Web Site      and check out ALL OF HER DESIGNS... this is just a drop in the bucket of what all she has to offer... season by season!

Thanks Stacy!  I love you bunches!

Keep designing!


Well, that's our little "trip" for the day... it's time for me to flop back on the couch and take a little rest!

Chat with you later!


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