Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hi Everyone!!

I hope this is a great day for you!  We are back from visiting the Freedom of the Seas.... oh my... what a wonderful experience!

Here are some photos I took!!

This of course... is my all time favorite hang out!!!  Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Shop!!!  

This... is new for me!!!  It's the cupcake Cupboard....where they make yummy cupcakes!  Lots of variety for you to pick from!  
It's so cute....

Then... I saw where you can even sign up for decorating classes.  Now how much fun is that?  Hmmmmm... I wonder if you get to eat what you make!  I'm in... SIGN ME UP!!

Then... if you decide you want a bit of change from eating in the dining room... there are MANY specialty restaurants you can choose from.  This was a beautiful Italian restaurant... you could smell the pasta when you walked by and my saliva glands went crazy!!!

This is the entrance to our PRIVATE Conference Center where we will be sewing.  It is GORGEOUS, BIG, great lighting.... simply the best of the best!!

 Now this... is something to behold.  I know you can't tell from this photograph...but there are two of these swirl pools...and they hang out OVER THE SIDE OF THE SHIP!!!   It's HUGE...doesn't look like it here...but it sure was!  You get a panoramic view of the shore line.

I went to visit the kids center.  Can I just say... "I want to be a kid again"!  They have centers for all ages... and so many things to do - it's mind boggling!  They even take them to dinner one evening to Johnny Rockets where they get to eat burgers, fries and shakes...and the waiters dance and sing for them.  

They have designed the different sessions throughout the day so the parents can take excursions (not for children) but the kids get to play ALL DAY LONG in the center...they feed them... play with them...take them on adventures.... simply wonderful!  We met a gal that works in the center and she was so bubbly... loved her job... told us... 
"what better job in the  world than having fun with little ones".... 
I was impressed!!!  The area they play in is HUGE... then there is the arcade!  OMG!  
I don't know if you are aware of this... but I must tell you I am a game junkie!  Yes... I am!  LOVE THEM!   It surely is not an area if noise is an issue with was it loud in there!  But hey...that's what kids love!!

This is the HUGE theatre.  I couldn't believe the size of this place...all state of the art.  Our tour guide told us it's as big and wonderful as the shows in New York.
I can tell you all this.... when they have shows on the ship - GO TO THEM!!  Even if you don't think it's something you may enjoy... YOU WILL!!!  HONEST!!!

Then we went to the VERY TOP deck and saw the wave pool!  Wow was that water moving fast! 

Now...this is state of the art.  It's a GIANT IPad.... touch screen that tells you everything...where you are, how to find restrooms, dining, entertainment...what's happening now.  They are located at every elevator bank.  Play with them... you'll love it... and if you get lost (which will me...) this will help you find your way.

Then there is all kinds of shopping!!  Gifts, jewelry, clothing, beautiful handbags, liquor, you name it!

This my friends is the climbing ROCK WALL.  Jack walked up to it and it must be 3 stories tall.  So cool!

This again is why I wish I were a kid...this fun water park is for kids only (their parents can be with them) and it is adorable...spraying water, water games,'s so unbelievable!

Or... how about a game of miniature golf?

That's the tour... I tried to get pictures of the staterooms, but there were so many of us on the tour - it was impossible to get good ones without tons of people in the camera shot.

I sure hope you can join us!!!

I simply can't wait!

Have a super day... I'm off to my sewing room to get some work done.

Lovin' Life!!


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