Monday, May 13, 2013

Good Morning to all!!

My sister, Vicky, and I returned from Texas last night.  We went to the memorial service of our dear sweet friend, Paula Barnes, husband - J.R.  It was a wonderful celebration of his life... his daughters were 'rocks' and had wonderful things to say about  their daddy.  It was so good to visit with Paula and Maryellen.  When your friends are 'hurting' the only way to know they are ok is to actually be with them.  We all four got to spend some time together over margaritas and chips (hahahaha....) at their favorite local Mexican restaurant.  Paula is hanging in there... she feels very lost and has lots of decisions to make.  She's a strong girl and will DO THIS!  It won't be easy, but she will make it - I told her with all of her family and friends.. "we got this girl"!  Please continue to keep her entire family in your prayers... and MaryEllen too... this has been so hard on her too.


Today I want to "shout out" to some of my other favorite shops, companies, stores that are at the top of my LOVE LIST!!

My first... is Brenda Gervais -  from Country Stitches!

Now... I'm sure she has no memory of me... I've met her a couple of times.  However, it is safe to say - that she is one of the most talented women I know in the "handwork industry".  Have you ever shopped her web site?  I simply want to purchase one of everything!!!  

Country Stitches Web Site

When I first met Brenda...she had a beautiful booth at one of the quilt markets... she was beside Sandy Gervais(her sister) - Moda.  I couldn't figure out how in the heck they were both married and still had the same last name????  How do you do that?  Well, they was simple!  They married brothers!  Pretty cool don't you think?

Brenda's blog is so great to read...  you must put it on your list to look at each day.  She not only shows you her wonderful projects she's designing...but has great recipes and fun pictures of her yard, etc.  It's such a delight to read.  I never miss it every day!
Love you Brenda!!!


My next featured shop.... is...
Country Sampler 

The store is simply decorated in the most magnificent way...

She has beautiful cross stitch sampler kits !!!

Along with selling the most wonderful primitive decorating items.  Now...those of you that know me from The Olde Green Cupboard store can understand why this is one of my favorite quilt stores in the whole wide world!

OMG!!!!  This shop is simply to die for....located in Wisconsin... in an adorable small town.. you just have to experience this... especially if you love reproduction fabric and primitives and cross-stitch!  Can you tell why I love it so much?

Hop over to her website and take a peek!!!      Country Sampler  Then when you are done shopping... be sure to read her blog.  I LOVE IT ALSO!  It too is one I read every morning.

Jeanne is the owner and she works so hard on her blog...showing you pictures of the store and her home.  You will simply drool when you look at all of the photos!

Last year I gook 13 gals on a trip to Wisconsin for a retreat and this was one of our stops.  There were so many things in there I wanted to buy... when I first walked in I could feel myself moving into a panic attack - full of excitement.  There were so many pieces of reproduction fabrics that I DIDN'T own... I simply didn't know where to begin!  What a super shop and a great bunch of gals!!

So... now that I've given you two new places to browse, look and shop... you should have a fun morning!

I am getting ready to see the doctor... I think I am on the verge of pneumonia and it's time to get some magic medicine to clean out the old lungs...they are filling up!  Icky!!!

Then... I'm going to bed for a nice long nap...

I'll see you later this week when we will feature

JJ Stitches
Buttermilk Basin

Happy sewing!!!


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