Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Good Morning! 

I'm not sure in what part of the country you live in... but here in sunny Florida... it's gorgeous outside!  

Here is an update to the projects we are working on for our June 2014 cruise.  

I've finished my wool applique for the center of my quilt.  This picture doesn't do it justice...but the over dyed wool (from Kiss Rug Hooking) is to "dye" for (hahahahahaha!!!)  Then I've added jumbo ric rac to the front sides in two different shades of green.  Since the quilt is called "Christmas Peace", our sweet little red bird has PEACE ... stringing through him mouth. 

This is the quilt put together - 45" square.  I wanted each of the borders to be a different fabric.  See the cream border on the bottom?  Well... it's going bye-bye and I'll use one of my golds to replace it.  The lighter color just doesn't work!  Once that's finished... it's headed to my quilters (Lynn and Cathy) for their magic!
Then.. .I can have Heather (my daughter) 
take a really awesome picture.

Then... look at this little guy!!!  He started as a simple drawing...

Then... Katie did her hooking magic and he became....

"Topper"!  She had the brilliant idea to tie a wool plaid scarf around his neck for a 3-D look.   "Topper" stands 12" tall and is adorable in a centerpiece for your holiday table... or... how about tucked into a beautiful wreath for your front door?  Or... I would even have him tucked into the Christmas Tree... he can keep watch over the packages!

This seems crazy to get these things done so much ahead of schedule...but that's just how we work here in the design world.... gotta have them up and ready for display on our web site and CRUISEONE's web site.

We'll make an official announcement to both web sites soon....

Take care and keep on sewing' !!!


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