Thursday, April 4, 2013


Yippee!!!!      Happy Spring!!!       

We are finally getting the rain they said was on the way.  Good thing... my yard looks like a hay field!  I just hate turning on the sprinklers.... it jacks up the water and electric bill so much .... pretty darn ridiculous!  

So much going on here at Olde Green Cupboard Designs... whew!  Some days I'm not sure where to start!  The list is getting longer and longer.  I'm working on 2 quilt designs, table runner, tote bag, rug, several pillows.... plus... I just finished making 100 adorable zipper bags!!!  Yes...that's right... 100 of these little fellows... and they are so darn cute!    They will be door prizes for the September Camp Blanding Retreat.  

I sure had fun making them!!!  They are pretty, cheery and perfect for your makeup, small sewing notions, medicine... whatever you want!  I sure hope you win one (if you're going to be with us)!

Then... Vicky has been a "machine" getting so many of our unfinished projects done!  Wow... she's whipping them out like a mad woman.  Thank you Vicky!!!  We decided it was time to chisel down the UFO pile.  You know... I never realized how many I had until I sorted everything out and put them in priority order.  Some of them.... nope... not finishing them.  You know how it is... you swear you want to make something...then you get started on a couple of blocks and change your mind.  I've decided - that's perfectly okay!  As a matter of fact.. I'm making it a new "Gloria Law"!!!  If you don't enjoy working on it.... STOP - and move on to something that makes you happy and DON'T FEEL GUILTY ABOUT IT!

There was a super article in the new issue of American Patchwork & Quilting about how to revisit your stash and fall in love with all of your fabric again... and how to move it around and make it look totally different with other fabrics!!

Today it's sewing day at Cinnamon's... and to get some "needful things"!  3 of my girlfriends (my Camp Blanding buddies - Wynette, Donna, and Diane) are coming to sew with us all day Saturday.  They want me to show them how to make those awesome hot pads/trivets and the zipper bags.  Then we will all be working on our own projects.  They are such fun and a riot to be with... I know I will be laughing the entire day!

Also in this new American Patchwork & Quilting issue is Red Crinoline's new pattern - Haberdashery!  Gosh... I love the colors.  PLUS... our own Lynn Graham and Cathy Peters (here in Jacksonville) quilted it for them!  Don't forget to get your issue soon!

So... it's off to the shower, check on the laundry, empty the dishwasher... and gather up my sewing for a day away!  Yippee.... I feel like I've been cooped up in the house for days... (what am I saying... I have!!! eeeekkkk!!!  I need some human contact - other than my dh!!)

Sew a bunch today!


Smile and be "happy"!

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