Monday, April 8, 2013

What wonderful weather!

Good MONDAY Morning!

Wow...we are so lucky here in Florida (at least this time of the year) !  It's so wonderful to get up and see the pretty sun shining, smell the fresh air, hear the birdies singing, watch the silly squirrels in my back yard eating corn and chasing each other around the trees.... life is so good!

This weekend was great fun!  I had three of my Camp Blanding friends (Wynette, Donna and Diane) with me on Saturday and they learned how to make zipper bags and hot pad/trivets.  They did such a great job and they are already planning to make more!

                                                                    (Wynette - camera shy)

Jack treated us to yummy pizza!!!  He even made the food run!  Thanks Jack!  The girls said they just wanted to live here...tee hee... OH MY...We could get into so much trouble!

Then... Sunday I began helping my "friends" with a quilt project they need piecing!  Of course... it's got a million, zillion, pieces in it... that have to be cut, ripped, pressed, and snipped!  

Then... I get to sew it together!.... Wait until you see what it looks like.  I will be taking it with me this weekend!  I'm going on a cruise with my girlfriend Mary Ann... we're heading to Galveston and getting on a BIG, BEAUTIFUL, ship and heading to sew for 7 days.  It's a quilting cruise - Paula and Maryellen (Red Crinoline Quilts) will be with us... Paula is teaching!  We're going to be lazy, eat a bunch, and quilt until we go nuts!  (plus a little gambling and shopping).

I have some shopping to do this week, nails and toes to get done, packing to do... plus I have to plan for my Jack's birthday!.  Yes... I'm a bad wife... I'm leaving on a cruise and it will be over Jack's birthday.  However, I will have presents ready and am going to see if my Heather and Keck will take him out for his birthday dinner.  Poor baby!!!  I won't even be able to call or text him.... I'm not so sure I like that!

I was looking on Pinterest this morning and saw this funny photo... I just had to share it with you....

"aaaahhhh.... so much better than the hard concrete"

Look at these bags.... I made them for my niece!!!  These are the famous "zipper" bags that we learned how to make at our St. Patrick Retreat!!!

Then.... there are 5 of us gals that sew on Friday nights... well...we are all crazy...that's all I have to say!  Yes...we are all making - "Mrs. Billings Coverlet" quilt.  This is one of the gals... it's so much prettier in person... golds, shirtings and blacks.  I'M SO STIKIN' JEALOUS!!!  I LOVE THESE COLORS!

Then... one gal is making hers from all reproduction... one from "ladies dressing gown fabric", mine are blue and white with a touch of brown and gold.  I only have my "hexies" finished for the border... Elin is much farther than me!!

Here is one of the wool projects that was completed from our B-a-a-a-d Girls Club.  This is a sewing machine mat.... with three pockets!  The birds and nest were drawn by me and then made from wool applique.  Everyone did such a great job...they are all gorgeous and all different.  

Well... it's time to have some breakfast with my honey... then get to work on those 1/2 square triangles!

Hugs to all... 


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