Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What a super week!!!


What a great week I had on the Royal Caribbean Mariner!  We left from Galveston, TX and it was go, go, go from the time we hit the deck and ran to deck 11 for some food!  We were starving!

Here we are ... in the masses of people waiting to get on board.  The rumor was the lines were longer than normal because they couldn't get all of the people previously on board to leave the ship!  I don't blame them!  it was pretty - darn - WONDERFUL!  It was pretty warm in there and we were being herded like cattle!

But it was all worth the wait.  We normally would arrive VERY early to the port...get in line... check in and walk right on board.  However, we flew into Galveston that morning and took a transit bus to the Galveston Dock so we were a bit later than normal.

Our classroom was the BOMB!!!  It was filled with 76 women quilting on Bernina machines...two of us gals per table.  Great lighting, nice and cool.... and tons of laughing!!!  Oh my... we met so many wonderful gals.  They were from all over the United States.

We had this one gal... she was a silly nut that kept us laughing the entire cruise.  She should have been a stand up comedian.  She taught us all where our "weenis" is!!!  Ha!  I can see your little brains going all over the place... !  Well... let me tell you...she had all of us in stitches.  This was her first cruise and she was afraid they weren't going to let her come back.  Of course... we all said... YES... WE WANT YOU TO RETURN!  (by the way... your "weenis" is the loose skin on your elbow!  ha...tricked you didn't I?)

The quilts we worked on... well let me tell you something!  They were awesome!  Paula taught Gettysburg - in her luscious Tavern Blues!!

Then we had Denise Lipscomb - Common Threads Quilting - she taught an awesome braid quilt!  I can't wait to finish mine... then I'm going to over-dye it with tan Rit Dye to make it look even more antique.

Then we did a fun, fun Windmill quilt taught by Jerry Stube - Quilters Quarters .  It's full of reproduction fabric and fast and easy to make.  

Now... here's the best part of all... these quilts where HUGE and all laser pre-cut!!!  OMG.. we were in HEAVEN... we simply sat down at our own little sewing machine and began to sew.  Some of the girls completed 2 quilt tops!!!!  They were really excited about their projects.  As I get them finished... I'll post pictures.  Gettysburg will go on my kitchen table... it's the perfect size.  My braided quilt will head to the couch for a warm cozy cover up... and my Windmill quilt... well... I'm making that for a nice lady for a surprise...can't tell you about it right now.

I have some pictures of the Promenade and the casino...but the silly things are not wanting to load correctly!
So... I'll have to play with them and then show them tomorrow.  I'm getting a LITTLE frustrated with them!

It is good to be home... HOWEVER... I have a surprise that we will be announcing soon about another fun "girlfriend" excursion that you WON'T WANT TO MISS!  Vicky and I are already working on it and it's going to be awesome!

It's time for me to get busy... I have so much to catch up on!!! eeeekkkkk!!!!  

Chat again soon!


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