Saturday, April 13, 2013

It's time to pack........

Good Morning (Saturday)!!!

Wow... do I have a busy, crazy day ahead of me!  My TO DO list is getting longer... and I swear I have crossed off a BUNCH of items!

Must go to Cinnamon's Quilt Shop and pick up some zippers for my girlfriend... Maryellen!  She and Paula Barnes and my BFF - Merry Ann and I are going on a cruise SUNDAY...eeekkk!!!!  That's tomorrow!

Don't worry... it's Royal Caribbean!!  OMG!!  I can't wait... one solid week of sewing, eating, laughing, (a little gambling), shopping, eating, eating, watching great shows.... did I mention eating?  HA!

I have to iron some of my clothes (since we can't have ANY IRONS on the ship).  Of course... they will still look like I slept in them once I get on board and unload the suitcase.

Finish packing my sewing supplies and my clothes.

Finish sewing some blocks that I've been working on for Mary Ellen (she's got tons of new quilts she's working on....)

Finish a little project (surprises for Mary Ellen and Paula).

Clean up my sewing area (it looks like a rat has chewed up paper all around my sewing chair)... that's from using 1/2 square triangle paper... 

Look at this adorable heart!!!  I thought these would be so sweet to make for girlfriends... for special treats (just to let them know... you love them...) or for their birthday.  Can't you just smell it... packed with yummy lavender?  I know many of you don't cross-stitch (ever or anymore) ... BUT... you could use a coordinating fabric on the bottom that would look wonderful with your top fabric... then with the addition of the rick rack, small bees... and that sweet...sweet butterfly charm... Well - I'm just here to tell you... if I got one of these - I would be ONE HAPPY GIRL!

I've already sketched my pattern... I'm taking some of them with me to sew while on the cruise!!  (I don't think I will even touch half of the things I'm taking... but you never know!!)

Did I mention that our quilting cruise is with 3 instructors and we are all making Civil War Quilts?  Yes.... we are!  MY FAVORITE!!! is the best part... all 3 quilts (like I need another quilt... what am I thinking???) have been laser cut for us.  All we have to do is sit down at our Bernina Sewing Machine and start sewing!  WWWWhhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooiiiiiiiieeeeee!  
I can't wait to see what laser cut pieces look like!

Look at this sweet fellow... he's bringing you - well... let's just say it WAS a rose from your prize winning rose bush!  Can you imagine... how could you get mad at this sweet critter?

Hey... did I mention critters?  Well... we have lots of "new" friends in our back yard!  Jack loves to feed the birds and squirrels!!  He gives them bird seed, corn (on the cob) and peanuts (in the shells)... (this is costing us a fortune - they eat this food SO FAST)... 

The squirrels are adorable..they grab a peanut in their mouth - run around the yard, dig a hole and bury it!  Then.......  that afternoon or the next day... here comes the BIGGEST raccoon I've ever seen... He digs up EVERY peanut and eats the entire thing!  Shell and all!! I'm sure... VERY SURE... he is really 'ticking' off the squirrels now that they cannot find ANY of their peanuts!  What a hoot watching this group of critters.... !

Then we have the sweet morning doves, red birds, blue jays... I'm still waiting to look out the back windows and see some deer.  Haven't yet... but still hoping!

Well... gotta get another cup of coffee and head to the sewing room...have 16 blocks to finish - press 36... and then finish packing!

We return next Sunday!  I'll miss Jack's birthday... boo hoo!  His presents are all wrapped and he's going out to dinner with the kids & family... so he will be well taken care of.

Keep sewing.... get lots done!  Chat with you when I get back!


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