Monday, April 1, 2013

Hi Everyone!!!

I hope you all have a beautiful Easter Sunday!  Jack and I missed out of the family festivities... we both have terrible colds and decided it was not a great idea to pass them around to the entire family... so we had to stay HOME!!!  Jack took several naps and did handwork while watching some TV.... of which I haven't done in quite a long time... at least I got to catch up with many of my favorite shows.

Don't you like the sweet kitty?  One of my quilting buddies posted it on her Facebook page and I just couldn't resist it... it made me burst out in laughter!

Well.... the final "strike-offs" came for our fabric and they were wonderful!!!  We passed on our final choices to the fabric distributor.... so the next step is to chat with them this week and see what the strategy if for marketing, samples, etc.  This is so exciting... we can't hardly stand it.  Vicky and I are already working on two new quilt designs, a rug (YES... an AWESOME RUG), a gorgeous pillow and a few other surprises.  We'll hope they display all of them at market.  I'm so sorry.... but you're going to have to hear about this for a long time... this is something I've wanted to do since I began sewing in my early teens... and here at 64 years old it's finally happening.  See... never give up on your dreams... just keep praying and working hard to make them happen.

As soon as I can show you pictures and tell you more about it... I surely will!!

This morning my honey wants to take me to breakfast before I have to get my hair cut... sounds like a pretty good deal...don't you think? are some Easter photos for you of my beautiful grandchildren and family....!  This is kind of like torture... like we used to have to watch my uncles vacation slide shows even though we didn't want to... remember those days?  eeeekkkk....  I am my uncles niece!!!  HA!!!

Lexie !!!!

Eden !!!

these are the two puppies... they belong to my nephews...they are both "weener" dogs and they LOVE each other!!!

This is my sweet GREAT granddaughter - Aubrey

This is Aubrey with her beautiful mommy... Elizibeth (my granddaughter)!  She's such a good mother!
I'm so proud of her... She's a single mommy, works full time and goes to college too...
She wants to be a teacher !!!

Okay...that's it for me for the day!  It's time go get movin' and groovin' and get some breakfast!

Then I get to visit with my "Bennett" - my hairdresser!  YIPPEE!!!! 
It's time for a little highlight and cut!

Chat with you later...


(This is what it's like around our house!!!  HA!  But soon... it will all be better!  
Jack is getting fitted for hearing aids!  YIPPEE!!!)

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