Friday, April 26, 2013

Hey Everyone!!!!

We have just received our email slide show from our cruise... so I thought I would share some of the photos with you!!

We had several "Santa's" on board with us.... they were so wonderful.  I wish I could remember going to a REAL bearded Santa when I was little.  They were taking a little time off before their busy Christmas season!  

Johnny Rockets was so much fun.... we got wonderful, yummy, hamburgers, shakes, fries, onion rings and coney dogs.  Then..... we were entertained by the "dancing" waiters... to 'old time' music.  It was such fun!

On the deck... they had an ice sculpture demonstration.... it's simply amazing what these guys can do with a block of ice!!!

Look at this beach... I'm telling you... I just can't explain how gorgeous the water is in the islands.  It's such a pretty turquoise blue.... simply unbelievable.

AND... the desserts... OMG!!  I'm not sure what his is... however, WHO CARES!!!  It's gorgeous and I'm sure delicious!

Then.. you can take every wonderful excursion you want... many of the gals went to swim with the sting rays ...........



Here is my sewing room.... and the cute little gal in the front (pink shirt) ... she came up to me and was so excited.  She reads my blob and couldn't believe I was on the ship with her.  I think she is from California... and I'm such a bad person ... I can't remember her name!!!  Please send me a comment and tell me your name... this entire group of gals were a hoot!  I loved sewing in the same room with them.

Here we are... all of us ... standing on one of the MANY dynamic stair cases on the ship.  Don't you LOVE our pink t-shirts!!  I'm way at the top...  you know... the one in the pink t-shirt (tee hee) I have a little bit of turquoise sleeve on my right arm sticking out.. Maryellen is one step down from me.  Paula... well she's way down in front... HIDING her sweet little face behind Dana... see her... she's right under that square screen over her head?  Paula...did you hide on purpose???

This is our braid quilt that we all worked on taught by Denise.  It is so awesome... I'm going to teach this technique/class at Cinnamon's next quarter.  It's so darn much fun!  This is the one I'm going to over-dye when I get it finished.

What an easy, fast and fun quilt this is.  Gerry taught us this class!!

Paula Barnes taught 'Gettysburg" and it is scrumptious.  This quilt will be adorning my kitchen table soon!

So... there you go!!!  If you have never gone on a quilting cruise... you simply MUST add it to your bucket list and make it happen!  I cannot begin to tell you how many nice gals we met, laughs we had, relaxing... eating.... sewing.... it was simply the best!

Thanks to everyone for such a super - great time!  

Keep watching my BLOG, website, and Facebook.... Vicky and I are working on a fun, NEW, adventure that you can all participate in... 

Chat with you soon!


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