Thursday, March 14, 2013

Yee-Haw!!! All Finished!!

I'm doing my "happy dance" !!!

We are finally finished with the unpacking (well....actually... I still have two small boxes...but I'm NOT counting them) and almost finished with the decorating.  I LOVE MY NEW HOUSE!!  We have all decided in all of the homes we've lived in... this is our absolute favorite!  LOVE IT!!!

So... hopefully... I can get back into my routine of posting a little more often!

Our sewing studio is wonderful.  We are using the Master Bedroom suite... including it's TWO HUGE walk-in closets (which are jammed packed full)!  We have two sewing machine cabinets in it along with a nice size table between us... a HUGE cutting table... (we lucked up on this one...went to an antique auction and there it was... sitting right in front of us... PLUS it's standing height!!!  PERFECT!...nice and long too).  Plus we have a long dresser to hold some of our favorite "collections", a 47" television (whew...Mark Garman and Tony Dinozo {sp?} from NCIS look mighty fine on that big screen....ppppuuurrrrr), a cabinet to hold craft stuff and a big bookcase!  Perfect lighting, wonderful windows and a ceiling fan!  How more perfect could it get?  


The best thing.....  it's nice and quiet...with it's own bathroom connected to it... and my office is right next door so I can work on the computer and still talk to Vicky if I need something... I am in Heaven!  Thank you Lord!

So... here are some pictures for you ....

We've loved "Annies" forever... here they are... all happy together!

My daughter, Heather, makes wonderful mohair animals.  Here are some of them.  See the photo in the picture?  That is Vicky and I when we were little girls with our big sister, Linda.  

I also have a collection of toy sewing machines.  See the "Antique Toys" sign?  We found these in Pennsylvania and sold them in the store.  They are made from old door headers with old leather straps on them.  One of my favorite things... I simply adore old signs.  The little red lamp....see it?  It's a child's metal toy shoe shine kit.  My honey (Jack) made it into a lamp for us.  Vicky covered the shade (just the other evening) to match the lamp.  It's simply adorable?  If you had a place to buy cute lamps like this... would you?  Send me a comment and let me know.  I have some others here around the house I'll show you (that Jack has made for us).  The little black child's dresser will be a lamp some day too!  Just have to give it to Jack and he does his magic.  I'm telling you... it's a gift from God being married to a man that can do just about anything!  He's just simply the best of the best!  (love you honey!)

Then... here is the dresser in the room... with the BIG TV above it.  Yes...yes... it is full of stuff!  But we love all of our favorites and have to have them out so we can see them.  See the chalkboard on the left - top?  That's the OGC chalkboard we had in the front window with the store hours written on it.  Vicky won't let me wash them off. (she's so silly).  Then... the other chalkboards are part of a collection I have... small children's slates.  I have some that are so still has the slate pencil attached to it with an old string.... one is all tied together - it was falling out of the frame.  Then I have one used for music... I adore them.  Sure wish they could "talk".  Wouldn't that be fun to learn who they belonged to and where they lived?

 Who doesn't love old wooden spools?  I have tons of them ... and I do have projects in mind to use them (just need time to get them done).  Plus... we collect OLD... OLD... tomato/strawberry pin cushions.  Wow... do they each have a personality of their own.  Also... here are some more of my chalkboards.

How about a teddy bear, bunny collection (with one sweet little elephant)?  Many of these Heather made for Vicky and I... the others we have collected over the years!

How's that for a start?  I'll post more tomorrow.... 

I did want to show you a quick project my girlfriend showed me.... theses are hot pads/trivets!  Oh My Gosh... they were so much fun to make and so darn easy.  I know they look hard...but they are not !!

The top one... she cut out for me (my personal lesson from her)... then the bottom right was my next one... then I used up my scraps and made the one on the left.  You ARE supposed to have light, dark, light, dark so you can see the star design.  But I thought...what the heck...I might as well use what's left over and make another one... after all... it's a trivet and hot pad... anything you put together is pretty.

If you live in the Jacksonville area.... you can get all of your supplies from Cinnamon's Quilt Shoppe.  It takes fat quarters and the foundation fabric plus one small piece of batting and a glue stick!  You are then ready to make these fun projects.  I'm telling you... they make sweet gifts too!!!

Okay...that's it for me today.  I'm off to the shower, packing my sewing goodies and heading to Cinnamon's to sew with the girls for the day.

See you all later...

Happy stitching!!!!


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