Friday, March 29, 2013


What excitement over these past two days!!

Number 1 - My girlfriend, Paula Barnes (Red Crinoline Quilts) is FINALLY a grandmother to baby number two!!  He was a little stubborn arriving.... but he was born yesterday morning at 10:42 am - John Mitchell - weighing in at 7 lb 15 oz.  What a sweet size!  I seemed to have babies that were half grown already!!!  You wouldn't know it today...they are both tall and skinny!!


Number 2 - My girlfriend, Lynne Hagmeier(Kansas Troubles Quilts) and her hubby, Robert have just opened their NEW QUILT STORE in Bennington, Kansas along with their retreat also!!  OMG!!  You should see this retreat - EVERYTHING is antique.... it is so stinkin' fabulous... I've been there 3 times already!  Antique beds, quilts, each bed has a little antique bedside table with little antique dishes to place your jewelry in...then there is the antique little display at the end of each bed... antique lamps and wastebaskets at your sewing centers... it's simply magical and gorgeous!!  
Go to: and read all about it!  


Number 3 - I'm designing fabric (for a FABULOUS company) and I got my final strike-offs (samples that we approve for color, density, value, etc.) and they are WONDERFUL!!!!  They will now go into production at the mill.  Then I'll get fabric to make my samples.... and WOW... do we have lots of different samples to make!  I couldn't sleep last night...thinking about all the wonderful things I have to make and design!


Number 4 - We get to spend Easter Sunday with the entire family at my niece's home in Middleburg.  They have the perfect back yard to find those hidden Easter eggs.  We all cook and take food and it's so wonderful being with the family and all the "wee" ones.  We'll have my great-granddaughter there for her first egg hunt.  I can't wait to see the grin on her face...she's always smiling!  That must be because she has such a super-great mommy!!!


Number 5 - I got to spend time yesterday with my sewing girlfriends and showed them how to make sweet little zipper bags.  They all did such a great job... before I knew it they were making their second one... their third one.... and MORE!!  They were all so darn cute!  Plus they made me a wonderful lunch(thanks Denise and Virginia), yummy "iced" brownies for dessert (thanks Ruth) and lots of sweet little gifts that I adore.  


Number 6 - Heather, Vicky and I are going to venture out into the technology world and work on "e-patterns" on our web site.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!!! You know how it is when you see a pattern... you love it and  you want it NOW!  So... that's what we're going to do... remove the paper printing from our end along with the postage the customer has to pay... and put them on-line.  We'll let you know when they begin to show up on our web site.

So......  Today I'm going to work on reproducing an antique quilt with adorable 'baskets' - set on point!  We're going to remake the quilt from my fabric.  (Once I get the "go ahead and release" from the fabric company, I will give you more has to be hush, hush for now!)  

Plus... I purchased this gorgeous antique rug at one of my quilt markets... it's completely made with all PRAIRIE POINTS... and it too will be from my fabric.  We are going to have TONS of things for them to show at market to help sell, sell, sell our first new line (Vicky and I are designing it together).

Today I get to sew all day and that just simply makes me a happy girl... !!

Take it easy everyone... enjoy your Easter Holiday!  God Bless all of you!

Take a super - great nap this weekend!  
It feels so wonderful....

Hugs to all!


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