Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lookie...lookie...see our new LOOK!

Hey...check this out!!!

Heather has been with me this afternoon and we've changed the look of our BLOG!!!  No more giant header (that I screwed up a long time ago).... now it's just like it's supposed to be.

Do you like our new Spring look?  Doesn't it make you want to "dance in the grass" and "smell the pretty flowers"?  (yes... I know.. .I'm being silly.....)

So.... take a peek at the web site too.... on the RETREAT page!  For those of you that have always wanted to attend one of our is the time.  We have a SPECIAL retreat in July and it's got lots of room (for now) for you and your girlfriends to attend!  Just sew on those UFO's and make yourself feel so gggggooooooddddd!!!!

Click on this Gold Star Flag and it will take you straight to the Retreat Page and you can read more about it!

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