Monday, March 25, 2013

I'm Just Sayin' !!!

After this nasty weekend.... 

However.... it's Monday morning and the sun is shining... it is going to be chillier... but that's okay.  Our backyard is pretty darn soggy and we need to let the water soak in!!

However, one of my fellow quilters showed a picture of her back patio...covered with snow.... wanting to know if we would want to barbecue outside and eat on the back deck.  NO!!  NO!!  NO!!.... however, I will take a rain check on that invitation!

Today I'm catching up on all of those little things that need finishing up!  I finally got my email back was off all weekend!  Another saga story with Comcast!  However, a super young man did his magic this morning and I'm up and running again!  

The washing machine is going.... Jack is at the the entire house is mine for several hours.  

I'm now going to design a "Gold Star" flag place mat that we will all be working on in September at our Camp Blanding Retreat.  This will be a community project where we will make place mats for our military give to their families.  When the military member is out serving his/her country and there is a special family event meal... they can set their place at the table... and they are with them in spirit.  It's great for the know their "mommy" or "daddy" is 'HOME' !!!  

I'll show the design when finished.  I'm really excited about this project and hope many of the guys and gals will participate with us.

Ok.... off to the design computer!

Have a super-dooper day!


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