Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I can see the light!!

I am among the living!

Wow... what a ride this past month has been!  I am glad to say... I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!  We have been working like mad women on this house and it's coming together...finally.  We still are working on the sewing studio.  I'm just here to tell you... If I buy one more piece of fabric, without getting rid of some that I have... I'm going to cut my wrists!  

I haven't touched some of this fabric in over 10 years!  What in the heck is wrong with me?  I know... it's the same disease we all have (isn't it wonderful?).  Vicky and I have sorted and folded and stacked until we are blue in the face.  I can say... when you all arrive at the September Camp Blanding Retreat.... you will have LOTS OF GOODIES to purchase from my house!  OMG!!  It may take me two trips out there... and I don't want to come home with ANY OF IT!!!  DO YOU ALL HEAR ME?  So come with your checkbooks, stashed "fun" money, and be prepared to spend it!

Here are some photos of what we have accomplished so far....

This is the dining room.... one of my favorite cabinets is this old yellow one with the original milk paint.  We have an antique basket quilt hanging on the door that we want to reproduce.  I love tole trays...these are some of my collection... of course in green (I guess that's my favorite color....???)

This is the fireplace wall in the living/great room.  It goes all the way to the ceiling... I can't wait to have a roaring fire!  Of course...here in Florida those days are pretty rare!  hhhmmmm... why in the heck do we have fireplaces anyway.... "I'm just sayin' !" 

I know you can't see well...but that's my Great Granddaughter's picture - Aubrey sitting on the mantle!

Here is the Olde Green Cupboard... we have it in the study/office - full of our quilts that we have made.  The bottom is stuffed too!!!

This is one of the walls in the living/great room... We decided to have a curtain rod hang so we can change out our quilts for the season.  

This is the rest of the living/great room.  The quilt above is on the right wall - looking at the picture.

So... as you see...it's still a work in progress.  However, lots of fun to do!!

I did get to sit at my sewing machine on Sunday morning and sew the binding on a quilt!  It sure felt good to sew!  

Today is full of running errands and getting a little shopping done... then back to the decorating!

Hope all is well in your homes and that you are getting tons of projects finished!

By the way... we are having another Camp Blanding Retreat - July 26 - 28 !!!

All registration fees paid will be donated to the Gold Star Program for the soldiers and base to use at their discretion.  The only funds they use are donated and it's time we give back to these great men and women.  If you are interested in attending.... email me.  It's $50 for 3 days and your lodging is VERY REASONABLE!!!

Once I receive your email, I can forward you a registration form to complete and mail back to me!

Thanks to everyone for your support!


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