Friday, March 22, 2013

Good "sunny" Morning!'s beautiful here this morning... the weather is beautiful... all sunny and cool.  Today is a GREAT day!

I've finally taken some time to get back on Pinterest...gosh I've missed looking at all of the wonderful things.  They have made some upgrades to it and it's better than ever and gives you even MORE things to look at ... OMG!  I'll have to set the timer on my phone so I only spend so many minutes looking... you could be on it ALL DAY! (which really isn't a bad thing....).  I kind of look at it as "doing research work".  Getting new ideas for projects.... new ideas for decorating and sewing.  If you look at it like that ... then you don't feel so guilty spending so much time on it.  It's nothing more than going to the library and looking at reference material or magazines for a project.  Isn't my reasoning logical?  Did it make all of you feel better that are Pinterest addicts too?????

Here is what I've found for the day.....

Isn't this an adorable place mat?  I simply loved it... and what a super way to use up those scraps.  I especially love the flower and bird in the center.  You could just about put anything there.  Make them for each person in your family...for the holidays... just adorable!

Then... one of my favorite blocks is the little bow tie... here they have put them into another little place mat along with some applique flowers.  This would be so cute in bright colors too!!!  I've always wanted to make an entire quilt full of little tiny bow ties... hhhmmm.... here I go again.. adding to my "wish list".  Does it ever end?  Stop the madness!!!

Now this... is something I AM GOING TO MAKE!!!  I read the directions on how to make these adorable bracelets and I must do this.  It's easy.... peasy!!!  I think I'll head out to the store and get me some elastic cording and get busy.  I have some great buttons that I want to show off and this seems the way to do it.

I adore mason jar "stuff" and I have no clue why!!!  Maybe it's because we helped our mom can when we were kids.... thousands of jars over my childhood... everything from fruit to vegetables to meat!!  You named it... if it was something you could eat... she would can it.  Our entire underground basement was full of canned goods.  It got us through the winter when it was hard to travel the roads due to all of the snow.  Plus it sure helped on the grocery bills when "times were tough" on the job markets!

This little jar is now used for potpourri.  You take the metal insert out of the jar lid... find a cute tea strainer and place dry potpourri inside the strainer.  Then take a tea lite and insert in the jar.... light it... and you will have yummy smells in your house in no time.  Make sure you use a small tea light that does NOT have a large flame... or you will have the potpourri going up in flames... that my friends... is NOT GOOD!

Here is another one of those quilts that is on my bucket list (I've decided it should be called a "silo list" because my bucket is way over-flowing... I could fill a silo with all of them!)

A pickle-dish quilt.... OMG!!!  It just doesn't get any better.  These are not easy to I'm rethinking this bucket list thing!  A faster way to empty the bucket (silo) is to write a check for one of these... if I ever find one I like ... that I can afford!!!  Good idea...don't you think?

So...those are my special "finds" for the day.... but these last two.... my funny pictures... I just had to share with you!  They had hysterical captions under the pictures....

"What... I have spinach in my teeth.... thanks for telling me!"

"Do you have any idea how tiring it is to stand on your feel all day long.  Thanks for the couch!"

Okay... I'm now going to get busy... have some laundry... then I need to gather my sewing together... it's another night of "Sewcial" at Cinnamon's.  Need to finish up some of those projects on that bucket list!!

Chat with you later...


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