Thursday, February 28, 2013

I can see the back wall!!!

Good Morning everyone!

Well.... what can I say...?  I'm still putting my house in order!  OMG!!!  Since our sewing studio is in the master bedroom... boxes have been stacked in the large bathroom.  We have now emptied enough I can see the back wall in the room!  I cannot believe I had all of these treasures in my old house and this one is bigger and I'm struggling on where to put things.  This has never been so mind boggling for me in all of the 44 years we have been married and with the many times we have moved from being in the Navy for 20 years.  I'm not sure what my issue is.... I just had to leave the sewing studio yesterday... I could no longer open another box, sort anymore fabric, or look through anymore books or patterns.  NEVER in my entire lifetime will I use all of these treasures!  But we all have them don't we?

My friend, Pam Buda - Heartspun Quilts... well according to her blog...she is going through the same thing I am.  Struggling to put order (or re-order) back into her sewing room too.  I'm glad it's just NOT ME!  Thanks Pam... I'm sorry you're having the "challenge" too but I'm glad I'm not alone!   Heartspun Quilts Blog

I did get new living room furniture  yesterday and it looks awesome and is very comfortable.  It felt good to  watch a little TV last night...while laying on the sofa (dozing....). 

Today is full of errands, hanging out at Cinnamon's,  and then off to have dinner with some of my buddies this evening.  The gals from Camp Blanding (that help us with our retreats) are meeting up with us.  Vicky repaired a quilt for one of the military guys that works with them and we are taking it to them so they can pass it on to him.  I know he will be so happy.  It looks great.  

Don't give up on me... I will begin posting better as soon as this house is in order... 

Keep sewing...

Hugs to all!


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