Thursday, February 7, 2013

Happy Thursday!

Well... it's a little overcast here in sunny Jacksonville...what's up with that?  We are to get rain... which we need very badly so I guess I won't be complaining too much.

I wanted to show you this awesome LeMoyne Star quilt I found on Pinterest.  I've always loved this block and especially love the construction portion where you do NOT have to have set in seams.  It appears the smaller these star blocks are ... the more adorable they are also!!!..

Now...tell could you NOT LIKE this quilt?  I counted the blocks... oh my.... 270 of these little sweet things!  But... it's soooooooooo pretty.... don't you think?   hhhmmm..... this too may go in my Quilt Bucket List!!!  How about you... are you game to make one with me?  What a great and fun way to use up your scraps on the star blocks.  How interesting it would look with the alternating squares from scraps (planned) also... in a great color combination.  This is one that would be fun to play with on EQ... just to make sure the colors look well together and not a jumbled up looking mess.  I do love this pink color!

Look at these sweet aprons.. wouldn't it be cute to have your grandmothers aprons and display them like this on a wall in your kitchen.  I remember my short little Grandma Grunawalt... with her snow white hair.. she always wore an apron...but hers were full... with a big bow in the back and lots of pockets in the front... she always had a hankie in her pocket...she would head out to the chickens and before long she would have those pockets full of eggs.   Now this woman lived a simple life... no bathroom in the house... a two seat outhouse just out the back door and down a short path.  She had a hand pump in her kitchen sink to get her water.  What a sweet lady... with the biggest garden you've ever seen!

Now...this picture is NOT because I like this skirt... it's nice that someone went to the time to make it... because it's one of those things... "just because you can...doesn't mean you should" !!!!

RIGHT?  OMG!!!!!  

Well... I'm off to Cinnamons' for some girlfriend time.  I'm going through withdrawal after being away from Camp Blanding...!!!'s time to get away from this MESS OF A HOUSE!!!  Let's see... ONE WEEK FROM TODAY... WE WILL BE MOVING!!  YEEEHHHAAAAAWWWW!!!  

I'm going to work on some snowball quilt blocks and trace some wool applique ... that should keep me busy for sometime.

Chat with you soon!!!  


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