Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I am among the living!!!  Have you heard of the flu-bug going around????  Well ... it came to visit me.  However, since I had gotten my flu shot... I don't believe it hit me as bad as it has many.  I didn't have the fever... but the feeling like a "limp dishrag", wanting to sleep for 24 hours straight (that is just not like me at all) and becoming very cozy with the bathroom has set me back a couple of days.  I HATE BEING SICK!!

Then... to top it off... this silly computer has been acting up... well... not the computer... blogspot!!  It wouldn't let me post pictures.  I thought sure it was something silly I was doing until two of my friends that have blogs had the same issues.  

I'm so excited... 5 of my friends (that have websites or blogs) are attending a session prior to our Camp Blanding Retreat to learn how to improve our "social media" - better blogs, better web sites, better tracking!  I'm so pumped!  Now if I can just understand everything and put it into practice... we'll see.  I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Now that I feel a little among the living again...I'll be working on my penny rug that I'm designing.  I can't decide whether to put additional wool applique with it or not... so the decision is still out on that one.  I'll post photos of the progress ... please give me input... you are the end user and the one that counts!!

Hey... I love BEAD BOARD!!!  Don't you?  Look at this gorgeous room!  You need to visit Rachel's Farmhouse in Macclenny, FL.  
It's such a great place... Cindy and her brother have taken an old run down home and refurbished the interior, front porch, and garden.  Rachel's Farmhouse   Make sure you visit her blog so you can call.  She is only open on Saturday and Sundays... it's wonderful... especially if you are a primitive lover!  Cindy's brother makes the most gorgeous furniture you've ever seen!  Here is one of his pieces... although.. don't look for this same exact piece... one of my friends bought it!!!  So, so pretty...

Well..back to my bead board story... the reason why I brought up Rachel's ... they have the walls and ceiling finished in bead board.  Oh MY!  Be still my heart.

Then yesterday ... look what I found on Pinterest!!  It's wallpaper!  No.. I will admit, I'll have to check this out to see how it looks..but at this moment... I'm going with this look!  How much easier is this? I'm just sayin' !!!  I see this in my future!  I love wallpaper... I know.. I may be strange...but I'm telling you - in the right place - the right wallpaper - IT'S AWESOME! 

Hey... I  don't know about you... but I sure never got hot dogs cooked like this for me when I was a kid!  Isn't he adorable... almost too darn cute to eat! Although... I can seriously taste that yummy dough ear about right now...mmmmmmm... a little of that mustard... heaven!

Just to let you know... this is ME!  My inside woman... her name is Hazel!  She makes me eat all of the crap that goes in my mouth... she's an evil GIRL and I must get her under control!  I wonder how hard it would be to train her on only liking good things to eat?  Doesn't seem possible to me!  I think I'll find her some diet cookies to eat... I saw a peanut butter cookie recipe this morning on flour!  Must try them!

Ok... this is me when I'm super busy and working on great projects!    No... not really... my hubby is so good... if I don't want to cook... he will or we go out... hhhmm.... I can tell my appetite is back... I'm feeling like some Chinese for dinner... broccoli and beef.... chicken and vegetables... 

I just thought of two more awesome projects... gotta go jot them down before I forget them. 

Have a great day... I'm so glad to be among the living again!


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