Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday... aaahhh... day of rest!
I've begun gathering up my projects that I will be taking to Camp Blanding!!  I have a BUNCH of things to finish and this time... I'm actually going to get to sew more!  So exciting! 
This first one is a quilt from Lisa Bongean (Hi Lisa!) that I can't wait to finish!!  It will be an addition to my blue/white/tan quilts that I adore and collect.  Thanks Lisa for such a GREAT design!

Then... I have my Daiwabo that simply needs to be pieced together.  Once I have all of my rows completed... I will make my border and then finish it up.  I just love the Daiwabo colors all mixed together...they are so warm and inviting!
Then... While I'm playing around with the English Paper Piecing - I'm going to work on a new design for an awesome PIN CUSHION!!
Then.. I should have all of these coins stitched!  Working on a new design for B-a-a-a-d Girls Club with these sweet things.  I have lots of ideas in my to decide on which one I like the best.
I'm also working on some new stitchery designs!!!  There is NO GRASS growing in between my toes.!!  hahahahahahahaha1
For some reason... this silly blog company will no longer let me post photos my old way... it's being so bad, bad, bad... I'm about to throw this computer out the window this morning.
It's time for another cup of coffee.... YUM!
Have a super Sunday...get lots of sewing finished.  I'm planning on doing a bit of housework (ick...what's up with that?) then sitting on my bootie and stitching all day.  Sounds pretty wonderful too ... doesn't it?  I've also thought about cleaning out the "shoe" section in my closet... I have no clue what brought up that bit of ambition... it may have to wait until tomorrow...we'll see!!
Happy sewing!


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