Thursday, January 3, 2013


Well... have you broken any of your New Year's resolutions yet?  Did you make any?  I always make them... and of course... I break them!  What can I say.... ?

Here's what I made:

1.  Drink more water... there are some days my liquid intake is nothing but coffee!!!  How terrible is that?  Water is so good for you... so I must do better at this one!

2.  Loose weight!! hahahahahahahahahahaha!  Now... this one I can truly say I've broken every year that I can remember... but it's STILL on my LIST! 

3.  Follow through !  I want to do better with this... my brain goes a mile a minute and I just need to slow down and follow through with one thing at a time (it's really... really going to be hard...)

4.  Walk!  hahahahahahahahaha!  (can you tell I've broken this one many times too!) 

Okay...that's enough..I'm depressed already.  On to more fun things!
I'm designing a new project!  A penny rug... here is my color palette!!  Blues, teals, browns with a little gold.  I'm not quite sure of the layout at this moment... but I'm almost there!  I just might add some wool applique to the center of my rug/mat... whatever we decide to call it!

Today I'm heading to Cinnamon's... Thursday Sewing Day.  So I have to pack my DIET LUNCH (oh yippee... so excited) and then stay out of their kitchen!!  Everyone always brings yummy things to snack on... so if I don't go in there... I won't be tempted.  At least that's my strategy for the moment!
I'm working on designing a FUN NEW PROJECT for my B-a-a-a-d Girls Club that I facilitate at Cinnamon's!  it's a I can't tell you ... but it will take us about three sessions to finish it... then I know all the gals will use it in their everyday sewing!!  (that's the only hint I'm giving)
So... here's a Happy New Year to all of you.... keep on stitching!
Chat with you soon!

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