Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy Saturday!!

Well.... I'm still in the packing phase... (will it ever end Lord...please!)  

I thought this sign was pretty fitting... ha!!!

In this packing process... I'm having to TOTALLY concentrate... Yesterday I was packing for:  

Box 1 - Friday Night Social (which was last night)

Box 2 - B-a-a-a-d Girls Club this weekend

Box 3 - Camp Blanding Retreat

Box 4 - 5,000 - MY HOUSE!

OMG... it was a bit crazy... I would be working on packing for Friday night...then something would pop in my head to not forget... I would go grab it... then realize it wasn't for Friday night it was for Camp Blanding.... then I had to make sure the item was placed in the Camp Blanding box!!    eeeeekkk..... What a riot!!

aaaahhh.... there's nothing like the smell of cardboard - don't you think?

Jack and I were combing the back parking lots of the shopping centers for boxes...  eeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkk........  on would go the breaks... I would hop out of the car and dumpster dive.  Now... I know that things in the dumpsters - are fair game for anyone!  After all.. they are throwing them away...then why do I feel like a thief???  I swear I felt like I was stealing... NOT GOOD for me..!
However, I DID keep going... I was on a mission.

And... isn't it so easy to think you have enough boxes only to find out it was just a smidgin' of what you really need?  What's up with that?

Now.. I haven't even made it to the fabric closet (BIG walk in closet).  Oh my... it gives me heart burn just to think of packing that bad boy!  Then there is the kitchen...



LOOK at this gorgeous throw.  I think it's knitted...not sure... I think I want to make one of these (in my spare time).  I saw the yarn at the store.  Doesn't it look so cuddly?  hhhmmm... there I go - adding another item on my "want to do" project list.

I saw this design.  I'm not a big fan of the pink and white...but can you imagine it in all reproduction fabrics that blend well together... or how about some awesome Fall colors?  I think it's a great design.  This too... will be added to my project list!

This is what I feel like sometimes in my house... NO EARS on my hubby! (poor baby)

Okay.. I'm off to the kitchen - gotta get another cup of coffee. 
 Then it's time to pack everything for my B-a-a-a-d Girls Club this weekend!

Then I'm going to my friend, Katie's, rug hooking camp to see how they are all doing and pick up some orange wool.  I've been working on a new quilt design that has wool pumpkins appliqued to the top.  Now it's time to find some great plaids, tweeds, etc. to give the pumpkins more character.

Hugs to all...have a super weekend!


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