Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Yes.... it's officially here!!!  My winter cold!  Tell me it isn't soooooooooooooooooo............
I've been fighting it for days... popping medicine... yep... it won! 
I'm so excited about today... I get to go with my hubby and sit in a HUGE room for hours and wait until he gets a new Navy ID card!  Doesn't that sound like fun?  (just slit my wrists.... ha!)  I've NEVER been there when it's FAST! Hey... on the bright side of things... this may be the day!
I found some cute...cute things to share with you!  LOOK!!
Guess what this is?  It's those fun glow sticks... they put them in the tub for the kids when they are taking a bath!  Isn't that something?????  I think my little grand kids would love this idea.  I'll have to watch for them when I go into BJ's.  They normally sell them in larger quantity packages!

I think it's so wonderful when people come up with really clever bird feeders.  They've taken a pitcher and super glued it to a saucer.  They fill up the pitcher with birdseed.  Isn't this sweet?  I can just see the squirrels trying to get this...they will be swinging on the thing before long  Isn't it amazing how they can maneuver and "fly" to get where they want to go?

Now...this my friends is the true meaning of "BUNHEAD"! 
How hysterical is this? hahahahahaha! 

I love these little hearts.  How wonderful to have them for your friends when they leave your house after a Bunco party... or just a girls night out?  If you have a sewing group... fill them with either steel wool or pecan shells for a pincushion... or better yet... how about full of lavender?  mmmm.... I can smell them now!  One of my friends... Denise... she is so wonderful at making adorable little handouts for all of us.  Denise...you are so sweet....we all love you to pieces!

When I saw this picture... I almost burst out in tears.  It reminds me of our grandparents log home on Shriner Lake.  Oh my.... how many nights did we spend with them in this house...winter and summer.  So many wonderful memories... Gosh.. they were the best grandparents... loved them so much.  I sure wish they were still here with us!
When we would spend the night...I had to sleep with Grandma.  WOW!!! Could she ever snore... OMG (it sounded like a freight train)... Vicky got to sleep with Grandpa... (snoring kept her awake).  I loved watching Perry Mason... and eating ice cream!  (didn't you love Perry Mason's smile at the beginning of the show)?  Memories... they are simply the best thing in the world aren't they?

Here are some wonderful Christmas items...
This is a table setting for a holiday meal!!!  I thought it was so darn cute... what fun at a children's party.... and so easy to do!

Well... I love bottle brush trees... and I must admit... I think this is the prettiest one I have ever seen! 
Placing it in the china tea pot did the trick.  How lovely!

I love Santa's that look like a REAL Santa.... don't you?  Now this Santa... he can climb down my chimney any time and leave me some goodies.  How adorable is he?  This is what I've always envisioned him to look like. 

And last... I leave you with the "Holiday Baking"!!!  What a cute... cute... picture. 
I'll have to download TWO pictures of my little ones baking cookies.  It's so adorable!  Their attention span doesn't last long so you have to hurry with the pictures.  Before you know it... they have become bored and are on to other things.
Well... it's time to go... Jack is wanting to go out for breakfast before we go to the Navy Base. 
Have a wonderful day.....
Remember... make memories with your children... they will last a life time!

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