Monday, December 10, 2012

What a bummer waking up to the smell of yummy coffee... then all of a sudden you remember you have an early doctor appointment today - giving blood!!!  Yes... you can have BLACK coffee... NO you don't drink it black!!  How cruel!  I turned the pot off right away and will heat it back up upon my return.  Gosh... how disappointing!
We went to my sister's fiance's birthday party on Saturday... it was a great time.  He was surprised!  While we were there my nephew and his wife were chatting with us... I wanted to know what kind of Legos to get their little one for Christmas.  Well... she was so excited I asked...because he has been wanting some Wii game.  So ... while visiting... I pulled it up on my iPhone... found it at a great price and ordered it!  Boom!  Another Christmas present bought!  LOVE IT!!!  I now just have a few more to get and I'm all done with the families "little ones" !!
I bought the movie set of seasons 1 & 2 of Downton Abbey!  Jack and I have watched the first CD and we LOVE IT... I was a bit doubtful if he would enjoy it... but he does!!  Yippee!!  I can't wait until he gets home from the gym so we can move on to the 2nd CD.  There are 5 all together that cover season 1 & 2.  Then we should be ready to keep up with up with it this season.
Hey... take a peak at this!!
I thought this was so clever.... Needle Felting (when done properly) is absolutely stunning and I've seen so many beautiful pieces.  This is a great idea... use multi-colored wool roving and make tree ornaments by using cookie cutters as your templates!  So clever!!!.

One of my passions is collecting vintage ornaments for my tree.  I would love for the entire tree to be vintage someday.... look at this box stack... they are all vintage ornaments!  Oh how I would love to own all of these.  The ornaments that are really ornate... cost a bloody fortune... but I sure do love them.  I look at some of them and remember them on our tree as a child. 

This is so cute on a tree in your kitchen.  I'll never forget when Vicky made an adorable tree in her kitchen... she had gingerbread cookies on it... However, she ate them all right away!  NOT what you are supposed to do!!!  They are to stay on the tree for decoration.  She's such a nut!

I love this antique cookie cutter... I sure wish it belonged to me!!!
I've never seen one like this before!
I'll have to do a little hunting(shopping) on ebay and see if I can find another one.
Look at this adorable door decoration that looks like a giant snowflake.  They've just taken pieces of the greenery and wired them together..... I love it... so sweet.

I hate to rush this morning.. but I have to get to the doctor... UGH!

Here's a cutie for you.... I think they have just been washed and are now "hung out to dry" !!!  Don't they look adorable?  I sure would love to have them.  Old Teddy Bears are so wonderful!  Sure wish they could talk and tell me their secrets?

Hugs to all... have a great day... it's time for me to go get "stuck"!  eeeekkkkk!!!!


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