Friday, December 7, 2012

Today... I'm designing our December "B-a-a-a-d Girls Club"  make-it-take-it project!  It's going to be adorable!!!  I'll show you when it's all finished....
Lexie is here this morning... I just fixed her a  yummy breakfast and she is feasting away and watching Looney Toons...ahhhh...the life of a little girl!
Dinner is all planned (leftover meatloaf, carrots, onions & potatoes) so today is going to be a "getter-done-day".  Lots of little things to accomplish...
Here's what I have for you today....
I simply love primitive Christmas settings... there is just something warm, cozy, and inviting to me... full of love.  And.. adorable stockings are at the top of the "warm Christmas feeling" list!  Isn't this adorable...gosh I wish I had some of these.  I don't even care if Santa doesn't fill them... just to see them hanging is enough for me!!  If anyone knows where these can be purchased...will you let me know please.  The older they look the better... even if they are new looking (brighter in color), I can make them look vintage... a little Rit color remover...a little overdying with coffee... wonderful!

Another one of my LOVES is old Santas.  I have a pretty cool collection... however, there is always room for MANY more.  Look at this fellow.... pretty sad looking isn't he?  Well... I love 'em!  Truly, wish he belonged to me.  These gals that can make these old Santas are truly's not as easy as it looks.  Old Santas and old Raggedy Annies are pretty much ranked right up there on my "LOVE" list!

Then... you see something like this...and you simply want to EAT THEM!!!  These are cupcake trees!  Aren't they wonderful?  I would prefer green icing on them...but you know...anytime I DON'T have to make them and I DO get to eat them... I'm not complaining!!YUMMY!!!  Now...eating this entire ensemble would truly give you a sugar HIGH!

Look at the "Mistle-toe" ornament!!  You know...these are one of those ornaments you will hang on the tree...right in the front...where your kids moan every year when you put it on the tree.  How adorable is this? !!!!!   I can see my little Aubrey's toes!! we go with the simple and divine... Name place tags for your Christmas dinner... such a sweet way to display.  Simple tags with beautiful cursive writing for the names...attached to a sprig of greenery.  How lovely!  How natural!!  How Christmas!!!

I think this would be the "Best in the World" gift for grandparents.  It's small picture frames with family pictures in them.  You wouldn't even have to use expensive frames (that may be very hard to find this small).. You could make simple card stock frames... it would be just as wonderful!  Oh my wonderful to hang in your home each holiday season and see how everyone has grown up!

I've enjoyed looking at all of the different Christmas trees on Pinterest this year... my some of them are quite unusual.  Like this one.... it's made from cups!  What a great advertising display for a business that makes - or sells cups!!!  I love how it is all lit up from the inside. 

Well... it's time for me to get in the living room and watch a few cartoons with Lexie....!!!  Her mommy will be coming for her soon and we have to have our "cuddle time" (that's what she calls it).
Have a super day... a fun weekend... and I'll chat with you on Monday.  I have a bunch going on this weekend...can't wait... I'll tell you more on Monday...!
Hugs to all.

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