Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hi all!!
You know.... I've decided I would love to travel the United States in a HUGE  RV... the kind we used to see people using when we vended at quilt shows... where the front part of the RV is where you live and the back portion opens up and there is your cute little car and storage area. 
I just finished browsing on Pinterest... and there are simply too darn many wonderful flea and thrift markets that have AWESOME things at them.  Then... miraculously those favorite things would belong to me!  Don't you think that sounds like fun?  I know... I'll be a "picker" and find things for all of my friends...they can have a cute shop here in town and I'll be their "picker".  Of course... I won't want to get rid of anything...that's the problem.
Oh well... it's a nice fantasy!  If you only DIDN'T need to have money to buy those treasures and if you didn't have to buy GAS for the RV... life would be so much easier!  HA!!  Let's get back to reality!!
Do you have your house decorated for Christmas?  I DON'T !!!!  We don't have a tree either.  The one I was using I gave back to Heather... it was so hard to decorate (now I remember why we didn't like decorating them in the store...ugh!)  I guess it's time to get busy and drag out the decorations.... I wish you could call on the little elves to do it for us!  That would be lovely.  The decorating is done by ME - every year.... I'm not sure how in the heck that happened?  Why do guys get out of decorating and/or putting the stuff all away?  I know there are men out there that do love to decorate.... my hubby would NOT be one of them.  He just doesn't have that talent and he will be the first one to admit it.  However, he does ALL the Christmas cards...!  (lucky me)
While on Pinterest this morning... I found some cute things for you!
I can so relate to this!  We have a box of Kleenex in our car --- between the front seats and it is always getting crushed.  Then when you try to get a Kleenex... it won't come out of the box or it's torn.  Here is the resolution to this issue!!
Glad container...turned upside down.  Cut an opening in the bottom to match the top of your Kleenex box.  Place the box in the container - secure the lid, turn upside down and BOOM - there you go!

I thought this was cute.  If you know someone that is not feeling well.... get one of these pill containers.  You fill it up with sweets, little trinkets, cute sayings all folded up... then each day they have something from you.  How sweet!!!  Wouldn't this be cute for a child to make and send to their grandparents?  Especially if they made little drawings and put inside... what a sweet treat for them!

I adore this idea...These are antique hankies that have been hung as a valance in your window.  What a great way to show a collection of hankies.  I remember my grandmother used hankies (no Kleenex then) and she had hundreds of them.  When she passed away...she still had tons of them we all had given her in boxes...still brand new that she hadn't even used.  Back then...they wasted nothing ... so she probably had kept them to use when her old ones had worn completely out!  I sure wish I had them today....

Now...this is so clever.  If you want to make a grilled cheese and don't want to drag out the skillet ... place your cheese on the bread (each slice) then lay your toaster on it's side.  The toast will brown and the cheese will melt.  Pull them out when them together and you'll have yourself a sandwich!  How clever!  There's only one thing missing... what about all that yummy butter you spread on the bread to brown it?  That's what makes it taste so darn good!  (I think I'm a relative of Paula Deens'.... love that butter for cooking!)

Now... this I'm not sure about... I read how to do this...but have not tried.  This is a way to stretch your tight shoes to fit.  Put on a pair of socks... slip your feet into the shoes.  Turn your hair dryer on hot... as hot as it will go!  Focus the heat on the area of the shoe that is tight... while heat is blowing... wiggle your feet - stretch your toes, etc. and until they feel comfortable and not tight.  Remove the heat and keep them on your feet until they have completely cooled off!  Hope this works!

hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!  I couldn't resist this picture...just had to post it for you!  Isn't this silly? 
It sure gave me a big chuckle!

And then.... here's it's companion !  This kitty is saying... MY SHOE!!  What a hoot!
Speaking of kitties... I saw several adorable little black kittens playing on our back deck.  When I went out quietly...they scampered off and flew under the deck!  I'll bet you they are living there.  Oh my...they were so adorable!  Is this an omen?  We keep finding kittens in our back yard!  This is twice now... and our back yard is completely FENCED IN!!!  NO Holes!!  They must be jumping over the fence... and why not?  My husband has every bird in this city... along with every squirrel... eating corn, peanuts and seed in the back yard!  OMG!!  Some days it looks like an aviary out there...and let me tell you...those birds are noisy!

I'm off to get another cup of coffee... then it's time to get my rear in gear!  Going sewing today at Cinnamon's.  Karen should be home (I think) from her wonderful trip to Thailand!  I can't wait to hear the stories.  She and her family did some strange things over there.... a vacation they will always remember that's for sure.
See you later!
Happy sewing.

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