Thursday, December 20, 2012

Happy Thursday!!
Including today.... 5 days until Christmas.  Wow!  Have you seen all the snow up north and in the center of the US...?  They certainly are going to have a white Christmas aren't they..?  Not so much here!  Rats!
I'm going to work on my small paper piecing project today when I go to sew with the girls.  I hate dragging all of my stuff out of the house...but I must get busy on it.  I only have ONE MORE of light colored hexie units to make for my Mrs. Billings Coverlet quilt!  I'm so excited.... and 22 of my blue... then my outer border is ready to go... whenever I get out that far!  I promise to show you pictures of each "round" or border as I go!
I noticed this craft and thought it would be pretty wonderful in the right house.  For those of you that live at the beach and love the nautical look... or maybe you have a western theme in a room (my girlfriend Cathy... she has a cowboy room and it's so awesome!)... They have simply taken jute rope and glued it around a coffee can.  These would be great for planters with gorgeous ivy growing in them too.  Or... even to dress up the pot on a poinsettia plant that you may give someone as a gift!

I thought these quick apple bites looked pretty darn easy and GOOD!  They have taken crescent rolls and sprinkled them with an abundance of sugar and cinnamon.  Slice your apples, roll them up and bake.  YUM... YUM... GIVE ME SOME!!

Hahahahahahaha... isn't this a hoot?  It's not something I would ever make, but I just had to show it to you... so funny! 
 People are so darn clever aren't they?

This is a holiday table I adore!  It has the wonderful Christmas colors... I love how they alternated the red and green place settings!  The old board down the middle...that makes it a real "home-felt" celebration.  Simply using what we have... the natural wood, pine cones, berries... makes a beautiful Christmas table!  The plaid table runner with matching napkins is to die for... I sure would like to own them!

Now... I know everyone has their FAVORITE cookie in the whole wide world... I think mine is snicker-doodles...right up their with chocolate chip !  Isnt' this a cute way to give cookies as a gift.  I'm thinking these are giant snicker doodles... at least that's what I'm going with.  Eating these dunked in hot coffee or hot chocolate..mmmmmmm .... it doesn't get any better!!!

Ha.. .I thought this was both SAD and SWEET... these are flooded streets in London.... full of beautiful white swans!  What a picture...don't you think?  Hey...this could make a great jigsaw puzzle!  Have you often wondered how they choose pictures for those puzzles?  (my husband LOVES to do them...) Can you hear yourself telling people your occupation - " Yes... I'm a photographer for a jigsaw puzzle company!"  I can just see the "puzzled" look on people's faces... HA!!!

Remember how I love to make memories... isn't this a great one?  Cut off the bottom of your first tree (that's assuming you have picked a LIVE tree) add the date and make it into an ornament.  Wow... what a fun thing to pass down through generations!

Now...this my friends... is my "happy" photo for the morning!  The caption reads...
"Your girlfriends will probably outlive your husband.... make sure you pick good ones!"
I know I have... I have tons of wonderful girlfriends!!!  They are all the bestest of the best!

Happy day to each of you... enjoy it...

I'm off to get my sewing packed!!

Hugs to all...


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