Thursday, December 13, 2012

Happy Rainy Day!
It's still dark... I can't see outside...but I can STILL hear the rain... it's such a nice sound...
Yesterday, my honey and I finished watching season 1 & 2 of Downton Abbey!  Wow... we sure do love it.  I can see now why they say people are obsessed with the show.... VERY GOOD!!
For those of you that haven't heard about it... it takes place during the sinking of the Titanic and World War I.... a wealthy family in Brittain.  I told Jack it's so much easier to relate to the show since we just visited the Biltmore Mansion.  This is a time when they had ladies maids, butler, housekeeping maids, cooks in the basement... it's just a grand show. 
One of my Facebook buddies said they will more than likely show season 2 on PBS just before season 3 begins... in early January.  Check your PBS channel!!!  Give it a try... my hubby even likes it.  He especially loves the Grandmother and her funny little remarks!
Hey... I wanted to show you these cookie cutters!  Did you know they make 3D cookie cutters?  Aren't these adorable.  I happen to own a 3D reindeer cookie cutter.  I forgot all about him until I saw these.  I purchased him last year.  You can go on Google... and type 3D cookie cutters... and it will give you websites to purchase them.   I think William and Sanoma has them also.

Remember when we talked about my loving antique cookie cutters...look at this honey!!
Wow... would I love to own this great jar!  These are really tart or pudding molds...but they are still just as wonderful!
Then... I saw these antique molds in a tray form.  I've never seen these...they must be from the 1800's!  What a fun, fun thing to cook with.  Gosh... I wonder what they made with these?
This Advent calendar is so great for the little ones.  They have taken a metal cupcake pan and cut magnetic circles.  Tuck a toy in the cup and cover with the number.  Each day they can have a little treat or present.  I thought this was adorable

When I saw this heart.... I had an idea... Wouldn't it be so sweet to stitch a sweet saying or poem... and give it to your daughter when she gets married... or at the birth of her first child... or to a new born baby...stitching a verse of how much you love them.  It appeared to be one of those things that you make and they keep it tucked away for years and years...then they can pass it on down to another family member.  Stitching the dates and initials of all the owners on the back would be wonderful (GP 1949- ??)  What a great family heirloom.

I thought this wall would be so much fun if it were in a restaurant!!  Full of fun writing... sayings...maybe their menu... with plants, spices, wine, oil bottles decorating it.  Sure easy enough to clean!!!  I love it!


Here's a funny fellow for you... and his partner!  I'm sure this is "photo-shopped" but I still think it's adorable!!!  Sharing a meal together!!

hahahahahahahaha!  I thought this was pretty darn funny!!!  Talk about a free ride... well... a free SLOW ride anyway!

Hope you all have a happy Thursday... I'm going to sew with my buddies and have a little R & R from the television.  Jack is going to be a couch potato today and catch up on all of his favorite shows that he's missed while watching our other LONG show.
Catch you tomorrow!

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