Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year Everyone !!!!
Well... tonight's the night when the world goes crazy.... singing... dancing... eating good food... drinking all that booze... partying...  ready for 2013!
Wow... don't you wonder each New Years Eve what the new year will bring????  I sure do...
I'm praying that 2013 will be a wonderful year for each of you... that you and your family will be blessed with good health, good fortune, wonderful memories... and tons and tons of love!
Every year (day) I wake up and thank the Lord for my wonderful life!!!  I have such a wonderful family, fabulous friends and a clear mind that loves to create, fingers that still let me sew, and a heart that keeps on ticking!
Speaking of sewing... look what I just finished!! 
These are English Paper Piecing 5/8" hexagons (or "hexies" as I call them...).  There are 53 of them... all hand stitched together...then arranged into this Scissor Cozy!  The back is a beautiful plaid checked wool (have to have some wool in there some where!)  I am going to add a Velcro dot on the underside of the front pocket... right about where my scissors are setting... this will give me room for two pair of scissors... side by side and they won't keep banging into each other. 
These are my Dovo Scissors - I bought them from Primitive Gatherings when we were on a retreat there!  They were certainly a "treat" for me... and so well worth the money.  They cut right through wool like butter!!!


They come in all sizes... and of course... I want a pair of all of them!...   Click on this link and order you a pair today!  Then tell yourself... HAPPY NEW YEAR.... TO ME!!!

Dovo Scissors

So... is everyone getting their black eyed peas and collard greens ready for tomorrow?  That would be a big FAT... NO .... for me!!  I'm not a fan of either of these items ... so I'll leave them to those families that LOVE them! 
I think I'm going to fix a corn beef with cabbage, potatoes and carrots... doesn't that sound good?  I love to smell it cooking - I put mine in a HUGE crock pot and it does a scrumptious job of cooking.... nothing to do... throw it in the pot, put on the lid, turn it on... and BOOM.. .several hours later... dinner is served!  Now that's my idea of cooking.
This afternoon we are going to see the "Hobbit"!!  I love all of the Lord of the Ring I'm sure we will love this too.  Here's a bit of information... you know the little creepy guy... (I can't think of his name).. the one that has the bulging eyeballs, icky teeth... and only wears a "diaper"???  Know who I mean???  Well... I can TALK just like him... with that raspy little voice...." master "....!!
Ha... I'm sure that's information you will want to put in your memory bank for some silly reason.  Every time I talk like him Jack quivers and laughs at me.
So..... after the movie... I'm sewing on a new pattern that I found at quilt market - called Star Fusion.  It's a wonderful quilt with a great new tool by Block_ Loc!  So... I have all of my little strips sewn.. now it's time for pressing and some more cutting!  I'll show you pictures as I progress.  I'll be teaching the class at Cinnamon's sometime during the second quarter.
Ok... I'm off to read my email... pay some bills (ugh!)... and get another cup of coffee!!
Have a super-dooper NEW YEAR!!!
Keep sewing...

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