Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy Friday....
Gosh.. it's almost hard to believe we only have a few more days left of this year.  It seems like it just started to me!  Time flies when you're having fun!
Yesterday I went to see Les Miserables with my buddies - Karen and Mary.  I knew the movie was a musical... but oh my... I had NO IDEA they would sing every single word in the show!!!    After about 30 minutes... I was so thankful that Jack didn't decide to see it with me... he would have been out of there in a jiffy.... surely not his kind of movie.  I will say this... I can see why this movie/play is so "award" worthy... the actors were so much MORE into their role through song.  Some real tear jerkers ... especially near the end.  A piece of history - French Revolution - that was something else...WOW... I'm so glad I didn't live through it.
So... I'm a bit WORRIED and FRUSTRATED with Pinterest!! For several days.... when you begin to scroll through the pins... you get to the bottom of the first screen and it just "SITS" there... with a little tiny message "fetching pins".... ONLY there is NO fetching going on!!
Come on Pinterest... GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!!!
So... I have very few pins for you.. .so sorry!!!
Yes....this is what I say!!!  I love that it's getting chillier for this time of year... don't you?  I thought this photo was pretty fitting.... but then... look at the next one!

Could this be my car.... oh no... maybe it's the next one.... HA!!!  How in the heck can you tell.
I remember when Jack and I lived in Great Lakes, Illinois - I woke up one night and noticed that the bedroom looked like it was lit up... so much light coming in the windows.  We lived in a huge apartment complex and had many street lights in the parking lot outside the buildings... well.. the brightness was from the street lights reflecting off the snow... when I looked out the window.. I swear I thought I was in a snow desert!  You couldn't tell they were cars... only WHITE SNOW everywhere... It was  sight to behold and I have never forgotten it.  We were the outcome of the worst snow blizzard I had ever seen...didn't go anywhere for days... couldn't even get your car dug out...
I need a "work table" in my sewing studio.  The only surface I have to work on is my cutting table and my big board!!  Of course...when I really need table space... it is no where to be found.  This is so darn clever.  I could fine one of these dressers at an cheap.  Remove the drawers and put them in my closet on my shelving system and fill them up with fat quarters etc.  Then... Use these inserts to hold my cutting mats, rulers, parchment paper/bolts of adhesive...
I love the fact that the top piece has been added for a longer and wider surface.
Thanks so much to the person that posted this idea!!!  LOVE IT!!!

I wanted to post this picture.... just to show how well a project can turn out.  How many homes have the older style oak cabinets in the bathrooms (and kitchens)?  Tons of them... They have completely repainted this cabinet to make it look more modern, cleaner and sleek!  Three cheers for this person!!
I can see this in my future... is my last post... isn't this doggie the cutest?
My great niece got the cutest puppy for Christmas... It's a little dapple colored dachshund mix... "Tiko"... OMG... I couldn't put him down..he was so stinkin' cute...and such a great puppy!!  So calm and loving... he gave lots of kisses too!
How in the world can anyone resist those sweet eyes?

I'm packing up my featherweight and heading to Cinnamon's for an evening of quilting.  Our food theme tonight is "Appetizers" !!  Just right up my alley.. .love them.  I'm going to BJ's and getting some of those wonderful little hot dogs in the buns.  I've been so hungry for them and I'd better get to them because after December 31 - it's NO CARBS for me!  (ugh.... here we go again...)
Have a great weekend!!
We'll chat on Monday!!!

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