Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Day After Christmas!
Today is the birthday of my sweet daughter, Heather!  Now I know most mothers are very proud of their children... but I am especially proud of mine - both Toby and Heather!  Today is a special day for me.... starting from the delivery room!
I was so excited to see if I was having a baby girl... (I wanted a boy and girl... and since I already had my wonderful Toby... it was time for my sweet girl!)  Then... there she was!!  I was so excited I was crying on the delivery table... I couldn't believe God had answered my prayers with a wonderful son and now a sweet girl!
That was just the beginning of my love for this sweet child.  She's perfect...!  She loves the Lord, loves her wonderful husband and has blessed us with our wonderful Lexie.  She's so talented... a wonderful mother (as is my sweet daughter-in-law, Dayle!!)... and fulfills my life so much.
Happy Birthday my sweet Heather!  We love you to pieces!!!

The year is ending soon.... and I'm here to tell you some good and not so good news... for those of you that read my blog each day!
You may not remember... but on my "bucket" list of things to accomplish while still on this earth... was this blog!!!  Yes... I committed to blogging for a year and that time is almost coming to an end.
Now... I will be blogging once or twice a week.... you see... here's the scoop...
Vicky, Heather and I are moving on to a new adventure in our lives!  We are working on a HUGE PROJECT together that we hope to present to QUILT SHOP OWNERS in the future.  It's going to take a ton of work... but one that we are all three passionate about doing - a new concept in the quilting industry (wow...we are either brave or completely CRAZY).  It will give us the best of all worlds.... allow us to use our talents, help shop owners become more profitable, work together again (as when we had the Olde Green Cupboard).... all of this will take a tremendous amount of time, work, and dedication... thus the reason for my daily blogging to come to a "change".
I will keep each of you in the loop as things progress ....
In the meantime... we still have a few more days together....
Now ... it's time to make my shopping list!  Yes... I'm heading out to the stores for some "after Christmas" savings!  I LOVE IT!!!  Just call me crazy!!
We'll chat tomorrow... until then....

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