Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Yesterday morning was a hoot!!!  Remember how I had to scurry to get to the doctor for blood work...no coffee???  OMG!!  What a morning... I went out to the car and the fog was so thick... I almost didn't find the car in the driveway.  I knew I was headed for trouble!
I go to leave my housing area and the school zone is in place... a million cars...driving 15 miles an hour...took me forever to get out!
Then... I get to this one HUGE intersection...after cars driving so slow...all backed up... and we sit, and sit, (waiting on light to change), and sit, and sit.... then I decided it might be in my best interest to inspect what's going on a bit further.  Yep... the light was NOT CHANGING at all!  So we had to take a detour, do several U-turns... and finally... got through the light. 
Get to the doctor... it's NOT MY BLOOD WORK appointment like they told me... it's my regular visit.  I GAVE UP COFFEE FOR THIS VISIT..... TAKE SOME BLOOD FROM ME!!!!!!!  Nope...it wasn't happening...   boo hoo!  So... after my doctor and I chatted...I headed off for home...decided to stop and pick up a prescription from the drug store... and BOOM!!!  I am now delayed by a train that was moving 5 miles an hour!!!  Cars were everywhere...I then decided to turn on the radio and I soon learned that traffic was a nightmare all over the city...wrecks...bad fog... going HOME and staying inside sounded like the perfect solution to this crazy morning!  HA!
Last night I went to a Christmas Party given by one of my friends....it was for the many, many, many of us that sew together during the week!  OMG!  I've never seen so much food...it was delicious.  Then we all exchanged gifts!  What cute... cute.... cute things!  Guess what I got?  A Christmas quilt top.... from my friend Susan A.!!!!!!  I was so shocked... I LOVE IT!!!  I'm taking it to Cinnamon's to get quilted on Thursday!  What a great holiday gift ... I'll treasure it forever!  Thanks Susan... love it and love you!
Hey...take a peek!!!
They have taken a white crinoline and placed it under the tree as the tree skirt... it looks like snow!  I love the lights under it!!  So pretty.

Now this is clever... use an old ChapStick or lipstick tube to hide extra money in your purse.  Pretty darn clever!!!!  Hey...this could be your MAD money for a spending spree when you have the urge!
hhhhmmm..... this may come in handy...don't you think?

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these chairs.  They have spray painted the ordinary brown folding chairs with these awesome, HAPPY, colors!  Doesn't this make you want to have a party.... so you can show them off to everyone?  So darn adorable!!

Now...this is a seat for your farmer friends...those that are happy riding a tractor!  How funny!  Now...they should have taken the idea from above and painted it a pretty "happy" color!  Everyone would want to sit on this chair!

Hhahahahahahahahahaha!!!  I love this cartoon... I'm leaving you with this funny note....

I'm off to get more coffee and do some laundry... oh yes...what a fun day!

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