Friday, November 9, 2012

Yes Ma'am!  It's officially Fall or Winter.... surely NOT SUMMER!! 
Today.... well... let's just say I'm going to do one of those things I've always wanted to learn!
Yes... I am going to learn how to use a serger!  Vicky has one and has never used it... so while she's working (so sorry sissy...) I'm taking her machine to Cinnamon's today and sweet Donna is going to show about 12 of us how to make this silly thing run.  Well.. first I need to get it out of the box and (hopefully) get it threaded (4 spools).  I simply cannot wait...there are so many things I want to make and this wonderful machine will help me accomplish those goals!
Then... its a little lunch.. and I get to sew AGAIN until midnight!!!'s our Friday Night Sewcial.  I'm going to work on my "Mrs. Billings Coverlet".  Here's where I am....
The very middle circle unit is finished.
The outer border... all of those 5/8" hexagons are made - the light ones - and some of the dark ones.
The hexagon border on the opposite of the diamonds... those hexagons are done... I'm now sewing them together into the flower shape.
Oh Yea.... crazy girl I am!! 

I have more quilts to show you today.... 
Isn't this adorable?  They already have their ladies they are laying our their little flowers to applique down.  I love blue and white together!

This has always been one of my favorite Jan Patek quilts.  I have all of the fabric to make this!  Yes I do!!!  It's all together in one of my project bins just waiting for me!

Then...this is another of my favorites by Buggy Barn!  They did this beautiful Applique on dark fabric.  It's so warm and luscious.  Great job girls....! (I'm smiling real big....)

These next two quilts are from Geoff's Mom Patterns.  The first one (table runner) pattern is not ready yet.  I have to keep watching the web site for it to post.  I just think it's pretty wonderful.  Of course... how can you go wrong with those sweet birds!

Now this... just simply makes me so happy!!  How much fun will this be to make.  Cinnamon's is planning something special with this pattern.  I can't wait to see what it is.  I know... I'm in!  This needs to be made and used every winter...snuggled up on the couch with it keeping me toasty. 

Hey... I want this package...if for nothing else - these great buttons.  I thought this was a super way to wrap up gifts to your sewing buddies for the holidays!

Now... I've jumped to something else.  They originally had this posted for decoration for Valentines day...heck I don't decorate for Valentines you?  So I thought it would be fun to make this garland if you were having a Card Party.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to play cards and we just don't do it anymore.  (so sad...)  I think this is pretty clever!

Okay...back to the holidays.  Wouldn't your little ones or your guests love this Snowman refrigerator.  Doesn't he make you happy?  It will kind of give me a better feeling about cheating on my diet when I go to open the frig and he's smiling at me....

Now... this my friends... is a decorated front door!  WOW... can you see how big that middle red Christmas ball is?  If this thing fell on an incoming could kill them!  Although I think it's lovely... it's a bit over the top!  Merry Christmas!

 I've decided this is ME!  I used to be such a great housekeeper (my hubby said a bit tooooo much) and since I've okay to NOT dust all the time...and vacuum once a week... of course, it does help that the house doesn't get as dirty/messy now there is just the two of us.  I've decided it's dusting time when I can write my name on the TV in our bedroom (oh my...)  Yes... it's dusting time! (I sure don't like that job!).  I must hurry and I can sew!  That's always my inspiration!'s time to gather up all of my sewing supplies and hit the shower.  Each of you have a fabulous weekend and we'll chat on Monday!

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