Friday, November 23, 2012

Ok... yes I feel like a blimp today!!!  Gobble... Gobble!  Gosh.. .it takes so long to cook and so fast to eat.  Heather brought this wonderful "Corn Pudding" ... OMG... I loved it.  Then Kelly brought her yummy green bean casserole.  Linda brought a pumpkin pie that was to die for! Vic & Larry brought 2 yummy HUGE pies and the best ham!  Then... with all of my fixins... our meal was great and we had a wonderful time together!  Then... BOOM!!  It was over!  Wahhhhh!!!!  Went way to fast.
Today... I'm heading out to J.C. Penneys to find some shoes.  In case you don't know this... I hate wearing shoes... simply hate it.  I would wear sandals year round if I could.  However, we are leaving tomorrow for the mountains... and according to the weather channel... we may get some snow!  WHAT?????  Are you kidding me?  SNOW?????  JUST SAY NO..... 
We're going with our friends that we've known since 1968... Jack and Rick met in the Navy.  We're going to the Biltmore to see the Christmas decorations...then eat one of their lovely meals in the gorgeous "stable" area.  Then on to the Christmas Stampede at Dollywood.... and I can't remember what else.  One week we will be gone...returning on Monday, December 3.  We're staying in a condo... so I have no clue if we have internet service... we'll see.  If you don't here from me, you'll know it's NOT there.  How's that?  I will take lots of picture to share with you.
So... have to do a bit of laundry - finish packing - get my handwork projects ready.... I'm taking my hand piecing with me for my Mrs. Billings Coverlet.  Here's what I am piecing now... this is part of the border... I make a light unit like this... (I think 48 of them)... then a reverse the light and dark... and make 48 of the dark units!!!.  Those "hexies" are 5/8"!  My sisters told me I was crazy!!!
(just a little)

I must get out of this chair... I've been sitting here far too long this morning.  I was playing on the computer this morning instead of researching photos for the blog... (sorry)!

So...just in case you don't hear from me next week...don't panic!  I'll be back on the 3rd... and blogging on the 4th!

Have a super week....


p.s.  have some leftovers today...they taste so good the second day.... yum...

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