Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Oh my!!'s over!  No more political commercials (Praise the Lord!), no more mud slinging, no more yackety yack!!   Pray for America and it's leaders!  They have a lot to do!!!!!

I have to ask you all something... do you ever work on something... think it's great - then doubt yourself over and over... then work on it again.... over think the process... and then doubt yourself again... and then think about giving up .... then tell yourself  "NO, I'm not giving up?"  That's been me for the last week.... working hard on a project and feeling like I'm just not there yet!  However, I will get there!  Ok...enough of my rattling!!!
I've decided this refrigerator is MOST wonderful!!  It's built into the center island and is perfect for the little ones when they want a snack.  Or great for holding your soda, beer and snacks.... or for overflow space needed during the holiday..!  I sure would love one of these!
I love this container...I'm not sure if it's a pattern or could just be a covered container but its so cool in the front of the car.  We have to use the area between our two seats...but this would still work!  One side is for trash and the other to hold things!

Now... I am not a lover of bright colors.... I like them...I just don't love to have them in my house... however, this is an adorable Christmas quilt !  Don't you think?  Trees and packages...

I just had to show you this quilting.  Isn't it fabulous?  Now this is what I call quilting!! WOW!!

I think it's so wonderful when people find gorgeous things to make into necklaces... they are so striking, great conversational pieces and oh so pretty.  Look at this photo... these are small antique perfume bottles that have been made into pendants.  Aren't they again is one of those things that I wish could talk!  I wonder who used to own them?
Another love of mine .... (have you noticed I LOVE lots of things... oh my...) are hearts!  They have to be special hearts though... like these for instance!
I love rug hooking and these hearts are perfect.  Man.. if someone tied one of these on a Christmas package I would be in 7th Heaven!!!

Then...this one!!  LOVE IT!!  I can't tell what it was originally... maybe an old tablecloth?  Hankie? Just not sure.... but it's wonderful!!


This is primitive and rustic and I can't tell if it's from old nails hammered flat or just metal.  Whatever it's made from, it's fabulous!

This one appears to be from some type of galvanized metal... it's hard to tell from the picture.  It's so sweet and simple hanging from a berry vine with it's reflection on the mirror!

Then... I found this picture and it reminded me of Vicky and I when we were little... always together...
Aren't these little ones tooooooo sweet!  I love their little ruffle outfits!!

Blessings to my friends Patsy and Carol... they lost their Mother ... sweet lady...... Love you both!
Blessings to everyone!

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